Happy Quarter-Century Birthday to ME!

Sorry for the crappy camera phone pic, but check out what Mr. Gloss bought me for my big day....

....a big shiny new sailboat!

Our birthdays (6 days and 2 years apart) fell so close to the end of our wedding that we elected to keep down the birthday spending this year in order to more seriously save for our first home. Plus, we just had a fabulous party with everyone we love and got loads of fabulous gifts about a month ago :).
So, we headed down to Newport, RI this weekend for the International Boat Show, hit up my absolute favorite sandwich place, climbed around on a few million dollar yachts and lived vicariously through those who were actually buying them :). The weather was gorgeous all day and then we met up with some friends for a low-key dinner.
Mr. Gloss was also vowed to be my personal chef for the entire weekend and he makes a mean breakfast sandwich :)

Have any of your typical holidays or spending habits changed to account for wedding spending?


Good Stock...

While I’m waiting, sometimes not so patiently, for our wedding photos to be processed by the lovely Erica Lyn, I cannot help think about what I will do with them. Our photography package does not include an album (although we obviously have the option of purchasing one) so I have a number of options to consider. We could do a blurb/my publisher style album, the quality is decent and the price really cannot be beat. But then I see the professional photographer albums with their really thick, lay flat pages, start drooling and think it would all be worth it ;)

Enter Good Stock.

While they are not cheap, their books are completely swoon worthy and archival quality. You can even match the fabric spine to your wedding colors! After searching both their website and blog, it seems they will do most anything you can imagine to make your book perfect for you.

Are you going to tackle your own album or let the pro’s do it for you?