Me, Me, Me, Mine, Mine, Mine...

Captain Hook: You, the cute little urchin in the front row, won't you share your thoughts with the whole class?
: Yes, I said mommy reads to us every night, because she loves us very much.
Captain Hook
: Loves you? Isn't that the, uh, the...
: The L word, Captain.
Captain Hook
: Ooh, yes. No, child, your mother wants to read to you every night in order to stupefy to sleep, so that she and daddy could sit down for three measly minutes without you. And your mindless, inexhaustible, unstoppable, repetitive, and nagging demands: He took my toy! She hit my bear! I want a party! I want a cookie! I want to stay up! I want, I want, I want, me, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, mine, now, now, now!


So maybe the whole story doesn't relate, but the "I want, I want, I want, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, now, now, now" seem to be uttered quite a bit lately, and I think Mr. Gloss may have some opinions about the "inexhaustible, unstoppable, repetitive and nagging demands". :)

I thought about recent conversations I’ve had with my parents and Mr. Gloss about the wedding and everything is “We don’t need….but I want”!!

What happened to me? I used to be so logical and calculated with my money and purchases–

We don’t need a ring pillow since we don’t have a ring bearer, but I want one of these so we can hang it on our Christmas tree.

We don’t need rehearsal dinner invitations since we are only inviting the wedding party +1, but I want to make them!

We don’t need monogrammed hand towels in the bathroom since people are just going to wipe their hands on them, but I want to have them.

We don’t need super thick invitations that will cost more to mail because they are ‘not machinable’, but I want them!

We don’t need to spend hours online trying to find rope for the guys bouts, but I want the perfect color.

We [I] don’t need to buy another dress for the rehearsal dinner, but I want a new one.

We don’t need to have 3 wedding cakes, but I want it to look like this –

We [I] don’t need more diamonds on my wedding band, but I want more so there isn’t 13 –

We don’t need china at this point in our lives, but I want to have it for the future.

We don’t need a Kate Spade serving set, but I want to be able to cut our cake with it.

And the list goes on….

When did I get so selfish? This is not ‘my’ day, it’s our day. I don’t even want it to be all about me, in fact, I hate being the center of attention.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has used the wedding as an excuse to buy things :)

Is there anything you ‘don’t need’ but must have for your big day?

Beantown Meetup!

Come join us for a meet-up in Boston!
We will be meeting on Tuesday, June 2nd at 6:00pm at Radius.

8 High Street | Boston, MA 02110

Please comment below to let us know if you are coming! We'd love you meet you all!


Dropping the F-Bomb...

I have a have time dropping the f-bomb (and obviously I mean fiancé)! I always thought I would relish in the days of fiancé-ness but now that I’m here I feel pretentious whenever I say it. Usually I can avoid it by simply saying “Mr. Gloss” rather than ‘my fiance’ but for people who don’t know his name it is hard to avoid! Mostly this happens in work/elevator conversations, when discussing weekend plans, etc. with coworkers who may not know my fiancé’s name. Before I would say ‘Oh, my boyfriend and I are going to do so and so this weekend’, and now I have to replace that word with fiancé. Or during introductions – I can’t say, this is my boyfriend Mr. Gloss, and I avoid the f-bomb like it’s the plague, so I say, “This is…..Mr. Gloss” usually with an awkward pause to replace where I avoided saying 'my fiance'.

It’s absolutely not a commitment issue, and I am very excited to be able to say “My husband”, I just have a huge problem saying fiancé.

Has this happened to anyone else?


The Glossy Invitations: Gocco Tips & Tricks

In case I didn't mention it before, I printed our invites using a gocco. Since there have been many informative tutorials on gocco printing by other bees all linked to the wiki so I don't think we need to rehash all the details here again, but I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you that I found helpful!!

1. Be prepared for a mess.
Printing and drying takes up a good amount of space. Also prepare for the fact that you will 'print' at least once without putting paper in and then have to clean your screen. (A little windex does the trick!)2. Never print the first few prints on your good paper. Do at least two or three prints to get the ink evened out and to understand where you need to align your paper.

3. If you are going to 'wash' and reuse your screen cover the edges in clear plastic packing tape. Make sure you don't cover up any of the area that got 'burned' but also that you cover all the surrounding chipboard area. Otherwise when you wash the ink off the edges of your screen will soak up the water and get mushy and warped.

4. To help align your design make small marks on your gocco pad to help you perfectly align them each time.
I emphasized these marks more than I actually drew them on the pad (these were to align our envelopes) but they were SO helpful! (Again, just wash them off with windex when you are done!!)5. Do double duty if you can! Plan your screens so that you can burn more than one image if you have enough space. I planned out my screens so that there were more than one element on each since gocco supplies are so precious now-a-days! The screen below has all the elements for the backs of our cards and the 'and' that was between our names. I printed the 'and' first, and then simply covered it with a peice of paper so that the ink wouldn't transfer when I was printing the other sections. Another 'double duty' tip : I sized our address for our RSVP cards so we could also use it for the return address on our outer envelope. I printed the RSVP envelopes first since the ink was a lighter color (then washed it) and printed the navy ink on the outer envelopes!6. Use ink blocker around your design even if you are only printing in one color. The ink is going to spread out all over your screen once you press down, if you use the ink blocker it restricts the ink to a certain area and therefore less ink is wasted since it cannot spread out all over the screen.
**Right after I took this pic I turned around to set my camera on the coffee table and hit the gocco with my knee, it proceeded to slam down and printed a RSVP on my registration plate - hence tip #1.

7. If you are printing to the edges of your paper be prepared to clean your registration plate and screen a lot more than normal.
I extended the lines from our names past the edges of the paper to make sure they would print all the way to the edges. Not my smartest move, now each time I printed a little extra ink squirted out where I had extended the line. So roughly every 5 or so prints I cleaned the registration plate and excess ink off the screen at the very end of the lines. O'well, you live and you learn.

8. Keep your screens!!
We had a few people that didn't recieve our save the dates so I'm keeping our invite screens just in case we need to make more. I wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in a plastic bag in the fridge - this keeps the ink from drying (mostly).

Do you have any useful gocco tipes to share?

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To DOC, or NOT to DOC...

I’m stuck. I have no idea whether I should hire someone to help on our big day (or if I can even find one available and within our budget three months out), they must have some sort of Procrastinators Appreciation Discount right? :)

So, Side A : We hire a DOC, Side B: We don't. I made a list of pros/cons and am still undecided.

Side A: We are getting married at a ‘non-traditional’ venue so there is no one in house that would be in charge of me or my event. Which makes me think I need someone to be there to ensure things run smoothly.

Side B: Our event is going to have a pretty relaxed feeling, we have invited family and close friends – if anything went wrong I know I could ask any one of them to help out and be able to hopefully laugh about it later. Our guests won’t care that are flowers are/aren’t the perfect color or if our DJ plays a song we asked him not to. Which makes me think we don’t really need to spend more $$ to have someone there.

Side A: I have never planned an event before, I have a good idea of what needs to happen, but I’m sure there are a ton of things I am forgetting or have no idea that I am supposed to do.

Side B: There will be a ceremony, we will end up married and there will be alcohol at the fabulous party after….how bad could it really be?

Side A: I want to be able to enjoy the day and not have my family (mom) worry about what needs to get done next.

Side B: If nothing goes wrong, I will probably feel like I wasted $$.

I have been going back on forth on this decision for six months now and still have no conclusion. So I turn to you:

Are you having a DOC? Why/why not?

Image: 1


The Perfect Accessories...

I have been searching for the perfect jewelery to go with my dress for what seems like ages now! I LOVE a lot of sparkle, but my dress isn't blingy at all and neither is our venue. I didn't want to wear my basic pearl studs (a birthday gift from Mr. Gloss) since I wear those almost everyday anyways. I wanted something a little more special and had the hardest time finding it!

Well, I was cruising around Etsy (surprise surprise right?) and found my perfect earrings with a matching necklace. They had pearls and crystals and were the perfect length - I immediately fell in love and decided to purchase them the next morning at work (my home computer has a terrible virus and I get nervous to transmit any banking info).

So, imagine my extreme dissapointment when I arrived at work this morning and they were SOLD!! I almost cried, the Etsy seller had a note on her site that due to her present workload she was only accepting custom orders for 3+ bridal party pieces. Ah, I had the perfect accessories and they escaped my clutches!!
I quickly messaged CindyV my plea for her to make me another set. She responded and said she would happily make me another set!

So- let me present the latest in a long line of 'wedding' related purchases:
I also asked if she could make a matching bracelet.....and she happily responded YES!Cindy's designs are lovely, she was a pleasure to work with and very affordable! I can't wait till my next fitting to try them on with my dress!

Have you found the perfect accessories yet?

*All pictures taken from CindyV's etsy shop

The Glossy Invitations: Edge Painting FAQ

So, I filled you in on the overall design basics - Now, it's time for the details!!

The edge painting was one of my most favorite things about the invites. It adds in a pop of color without making the invitations too busy and it was SO easy!!

Bottle of Acrylic Craft Paint in bright yellow ~ $4 @ Michaels
1.5" Foam Brush ~ $0.59 @ Michaels
I used a foam brush instead of a typical paint brush because I figured the bristles would get paint all over the front of the invites - the foam brush still did this a little but it was much less noticeable and only on the outer invite. I painted them in small groups, rather than individually, which would have taken forever!! I did two sides at a time, waited for them to dry, and then did the other two. I definitely recommend having professionally cut paper if you are going to paint your edges, any size discrepancies would have caused the paint to be transferred to the sides of the invitation when they were being painted in a group. And thats it!! It honestly didn't even really take that long, little effort - big impact is my kind of DIY :)

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One Year Ago...

Almost one year ago Mr. Gloss bent down on one knee, said some sweet words (which I wish I could remember) and handed me a box with a diamond ring inside.
obligatory ring shot by yours truly

I don't think I ever shared our engagement story with the hive so I thought I'd give you a little recap in honor of our almost engage-a-versary.

Setting the Scene:
  • Mr. Gloss and I had been house hunting for a little while, so each day at work Mr. Gloss would send me links to properties he liked to see what I thought.
  • The night before 'E-Day' he told me we were going out to with some friends downtown (Boston) to celebrate the fact that two of our friends had just finished their first year of grad. school. I work downtown so I will usually just hang out in the city rather than coming back to our apartment and then turning around and heading right back in, therefore I usually wear something work/night appropriate.
How it Happened :
At about 3:00 on 'E-Day' (which was a Friday), I got an email with a link to a property, I clicked on it and while scrolling through the pictures I recognized a few of them as ones we had taken together at a park we used to work at growing up. The last image had directions to meet him at the end of Long Wharf in Boston. So I walked (maybe a little fast :) ) to the wharf and there he was, standing there waiting for me. All I can really remember after that was this:

Me: 'Hi'
Him: 'Hi......do you want to be embarrassed?'
Me: 'Um....no - not really'

At this point he pulled me behind one of the brick pillars so we were hidden from the view of everyone hanging out on the wharf and proposed. I cried, the ring was huge (note: plastic rings at target are not good indicators of actual ring size) and my hands were shaking. He had made dinner plans at Mare, a Italian restaurant in the North End, so we walked towards the restaurant.....I'm pretty sure I didn't stop looking at my ring the whole time :). So we ate good food, drank good wine and obviously followed it with gelato :) When we arrived back in our apartment he had a bottle of wine he had been saving since I lived in Italy and he had come to visit me. So we relaxed with more delicious wine and called our parents and told them the good news!

In honor of our 'E-Day' I want to do something special for Mr. Gloss - any suggestions?!
Are you planning on celebrating your engage-a-versary?

The Glossy Invitations: Invite Design Basics

Last time I left you all with this teaser pic of our invites, and now for the delicious DIY details!!!
If you are planning on making your own invitations I very much recommend checking out Mrs. Cupcake’s 12 Steps to Creating DIY Wedding Invitations. The three tips I found the most useful were:

3. When designing, START WITH YOUR ENVELOPES!!!!!

8. Print out drafts of your design — don’t just look at it on the computer.

10. Weigh everything before buying postage.

I knew I wanted to use an inner and outer envelope to keep everything together, since we did not elect to use a pocketfold type of invitation. Outer envelopes in specific colors are difficult to find, so plan ahead! I ordered the solid (outer and RSVP) envelopes from Paper Presentation, the outer is a A7.5 size envelope (5.5”x7.5”) and the inner translucent envelope is a generic A7 (5.25”x7.25”) envelope from Paper and More. This determined the size of our main invite to be a basic A7 (5”x7”) card.

Early on I decided that I wanted REALLY thick paper for two reasons. 1) I wanted to paint the edges (and be able to see the paint) and 2) I wanted to have a fairly solid invite that was able to stand on its own (without any type of cardstock backer). I ordered SO MANY SAMPLES and ultimately decided on the Crane Lettra paper. This line of paper is specifically designed for letterpress, so it’s very soft but still thick at the same time….it’s basically paper heaven in my mind (and they have free samples!)

For the main invitation we chose the 220# Crane Lettra in Fluorescent White. For the enclosures we dropped down a thickness, and went with the 110# in the same color. We ordered the paper from Kelden Paper (they are one of the few retailers where you can purchase the Lettra line by individual sheet) and had them cut down the paper to our two sizes ($25/per size). We probably could have gotten the paper cut cheaper elsewhere but they did a great job and I was nervous about shipping the large sheets (24”x40”) of paper cross country knowing how beat-up some of my other packages have been delivered. The total for the paper was around $150 including cutting and shipping and I have PLENTY of extra.

I had a hard time balancing the carefree attitude of our wedding with the importance of the event itself. Some designs were too formal, and didn’t fit the lakeside, easygoing feel we were trying to create. Others were too casual and lessened the importance of this momentous day. Ultimately we emerged with this design, which I am completely in love with.

I designed everything using Adobe Illustrator. The ‘handwriting font’ is from Fonts for Peas. To extend the letters to either side of the paper I used the paint tool and drew some squiggly lines (much more difficult when using a mouse than drawing by hand!) so it definitely took a few tries to get lines I was happy with.

I had designed them so there were elements on the front and the back of the invitation, but ended up not printing the alternate sides for two reasons:

  1. I started printing the hearts on the back of the main invite and didn’t like how they were coming out, it was very difficult to align them perfectly with the lines from the front.
  2. As many of you pointed out, probably no one would see them anyways!
So, I nixed all the reverse printing except the RSVP date. I also nixed the rounded corners because rounding 1600 corners sounded AWFUL :)

We included 3 enclosures with our main invite. A RSVP card, an information card, and a 'send-us-a-note' card (just for fun!).

The RSVP was pretty standard, with a place for names and food choices - we elected to use icons because we still have no idea what we are going to be serving! We are doing a buffet, so I don't think the numbers are too critical, but we wanted to have a general idea of what people wanted to eat.

The Information card had a link to our website. Rather than creating multiple inserts with directions, accommodations info, etc. we elected to just direct our guests to the website where we had already placed all that information.

The 'Send-Us-A-Note' card was partly for fun and partly for guest info. We asked our guests to tell us when they are arriving/where they are staying so we would know who to include in pre/post wedding festivities (we are not inviting all our guests to the rehersal dinner but are thinking we could all meet up for a welcome drink after). Then the fun part, the Mad Libs Marriage Advice! I can't wait to read all the responses!!

We put everything into a vellum envelope with the RSVP date facing up so it will be the first things the guests see (just so they don't miss it!!), tied it with blue and white bakers string and sealed it with a wax stamp!

This envelope then went into the addressed outer envelope with a custom liner. (I couldn't find ANY paper that I wanted to use for our invites so I developed a pattern, in Illustrator again, and printed it out).

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The Glossy Invitations...Are DONE!

What do you get when you combine a graphic design loving bride with ultra luxurious Crane Letterpress paper, a bottle of yellow paint and a gocco?

If you were thinking “Miss Gloss’ invitations” you are absolutely right!

If you were thinking “a huge mess that took over multiple rooms, 2 rolls of paper towels, a ruined carpet and lots of stained clothing” you are also absolutely right!

But they are D O N E, and I love them. Loooove them.

And it seriously pained me to have to blur things! So sorry!!

I haven't even put them in the mail yet - so you guys are getting the first glimpse because I couldn't wait to share them any longer :)

So here is a little bit bigger sneak peak, to be followed by DIY tutorials with details!

Tutorials forthcoming:

Invite Design Basics

Edge Painting FAQ

Useful Gocco Tips

Embossing & Wax Sealing 101

So stay tuned!!!


Try #2...

As I've mentioned before, I'm planning on DIYing my make-up for the big day since we are getting married hours away from a metropolitan area and have a petite budget. Lo, of Lo and Co, was kind enough to pass along some great tips for me which I talked about here. I wasn't really feeling the eyeliner on the bottom lashes and so I tried again. I guess that is one benefit of doing your own make-up, you can practice!!

So this was try #1:

And this is try #2:

Which eye make-up do you like better?


A Deserving Dress Hanger...

In my quest for amazing pictures of my wedding day I whipped up this little bad boy - a cute dress hanger cover!! No accidental "I only have the plastic hanger and its going to ruin my dress shot" emergencies for me!

I was going to add a simple navy bow, but I think it would draw too much attention to the hanger and distract you from the dress itself. Instead, I think I'm going to embroider our wedding date and monogram in a light ivory.

Are you planning on getting a special hanger for your big day?


MOB Dress Shopping...

My mom was in town this weekend to help me with the invitations (a post is coming soon I promise!) and to celebrate mother's day, so we took advantage of our time together and decided to search for her wedding day dress! In my mind, my mom is wearing a short dress in some type of champagne-y color or maybe a light taupe or oyster? We looked everywhere for something in a style like this:

A simple sheath dress with cute bolero......shouldn't be too hard right?


Some of our favorites were:

Option#1: This little bridesmaid dress is from Ann Taylor, at almost $300 its a little more than we were looking to spend but still a contender. BTW it looks way better on my mom (and the mannequin for that matter) than it does on the model above.

Option #2: She tried on this dress at Banana Republic in navy, I really didn't think I would like it - but it was actually a nice mix of conservative mom in the front and then sexy party in the back. It was really quite cute, but she didn't think she should wear navy since my bridesmaids are.


Option #3: We found this little sheath at Lord and Taylor, but they didn't have the size we needed (of course). You can't really tell from the picture, but there was threads of gold throughout and an interesting texture/design. We liked that it was simple and classic.

Option #4: (the first image) is by Tahari and they didn't have this style at the two Nordstroms visited.

Needless to say, we left empty handed. So, I have two questions for you:
1. What color is your mom wearing? and
2. Where did you end up finding her dress?


Thank You USPS...

My mom is coming into town this weekend to help me finish up the invitations so I went out and purchased stamps this morning. I brought a mockup of our invite to the post office and had them weight it because I had an inkling our invites might weight more than 1oz. which would require extra postage….and I was right :(. While I was there, I snatched up some of the forever stamps since they will go up in price on Monday for our RSVP envelopes and checked out the options for 2oz. stamps after the price increase.

Every cloud has a silver lining right? If my invitations didn’t weigh so much I wouldn’t be able to use this super cute new ‘wedding’ stamp without feeling frivolous throwing extra money away on stamps.

I’m pretty excited to pop this bad boy onto our invites – I was so over the heart stamp.
They also have some other new ‘wedding’ designs that are quite cute:

So, Thank You United States Postal Service for getting some decent wedding stamps for those of us who cannot fit Zazzle custom stamps into our budgets :)

Are you excited about the new stamp designs even though they are two cents more?

*all images from usps.com


100 Days Out...

Today, we are officially 100 days out....yikes! While a lot of the big stuff is done there are a few things looming over my head that have yet to be touched.

1. Florist - I'm not really concerned about centerpieces since we are just doing single stems in these vases. (Seems pretty easy to DIY right?) Bouquets are another item all together, I think I am waaay to anal to be able to pull these together myself and have them look acceptable. I've been procrastinating on this since none of the florists in the area have websites (which is how I have done a majority of my research) and I haven't been back to Maine since Christmas.

2. Menu - We have not yet told our caterer what she will be cooking for the big day because we haven't been able to decide. Although, since we are having a buffet the information doesn't need to be printed on the RSVP cards so I think it can wait a little longer.

3. Hairstylist (and hairstyle for that matter) - My hair is naturally very curly and I'm really nervous about the heat in August. Plus, I don't know of any great stylists in the area where we are getting married and am really nervous to end up with 80's prom hair.

4. Honeymoon - We have gotten nowhere with this one due to the hurricane season/swine flu combo. This one is on Mr. Gloss' plate -

What was left on your list at 100 days out?


New Email on Retainer...

After Bruschetta's post a few days ago about 'we-mailing' I realized that my email address has the initial of what will soon be my maiden name. Although I think it's perfectly acceptable to keep using this email, a little part of me is really excited to use my new last name. So I created a new email address to embrace my married last name. It may be a little premature, and I swear I won't start using it until after the wedding since it's probably 'bad luck', but I wanted to reserve it ASAP. It's a little like practicing signing your married name before you are officially married - who hasn't done that right?

Will you change your email to reflect your new name?


Planning for Aunt Flo*

*(not useful for other unwelcome relatives)

Having Aunt Flo as a house guest is basically equivalent to me taking handfulls of crazy pills each morning. Not to mention, every time she visits I get really agitated, bloated, my face breaks out and I’m just generally uncomfortable. I take on a ton of ‘water-weight’** which makes me discouraged and therefore even more irritable. This is not what I want to feel like walking down the aisle thankyouverymuch.

So I’ve started to monitor how I feel throughout the month. If Week ‘4’ is Auntie Flo's scheduled arrival, Week ‘3’ is the prep week. I think Aunt Flo is allergic to chocolate, therefore I feel it is my sole responsibility to eat everything chocolate in our apartment to prepare for her arrival. What kind of hostess would I be if I just left that stuff lying around? Again, not something I really want to deal with when I’m trying to look my best in an unforgiving color. So, let’s say weeks ‘3’ and ‘4’ are out.
This leaves us with weeks ‘1’ and ‘2’ –

Scheduling Week ‘1’ for my wedding week seems like it would be fine, I definitely wouldn’t have to worry about Aunt Flo showing up on the honeymoon :), but this means that Week ‘4’ just ended and I really don’t think I need Aunt Flo hanging around right before the wedding since she will only add an extra dash of crazy to what is sure to be an exhaustive and stressful week leading up to the wedding.

So, that leaves us with ‘Week 2’ as the optimal wedding week. It’s coming right up, so I’m going to try to really monitor how my body feels throughout the week and make sure this week brings about the least crazy/skinniest/clearest complexion out of my four options. This would leave at least one week free and clear for the honeymoon, and since Aunt Flo usually visits near the end of Week ‘4’ I’ll have most of that week as well!

I’m planning on adjusting Aunt Flo’s travel schedule ASAP, once I figure out the optimal week, because messing with her plans closer to the actual wedding date seems like a recipe for disaster. Once she gets used to a certain cadence of visits it's sometimes hard to change and I'd hate for her to show up unexpectedly :)

**This IS and will remain 'water weight', despite having admitted to consuming copious amounts of chocolate the previous week. Please leave me my delusions :)

Are you making any plans for Aunt Flo?


Sneak Peak....

Just a little sneak peek at what happened this weekend -
Bright yellow edges on our invitation paper!!
And to think they wanted to charge me $400 for painted edges. A $4 bottle of paint and a $0.59 foam brush later, I say - Mission Complete!
It was a messy paint and gocco filled weekend - more details to come I promise :)


Garments for the Glossy Guys...

Mr. Gloss is not going to be wearing a tux when our big day rolls around. It's going to hot and he does not deal well with heat. Plus he HATES, haaaates 'dressing up' *sidenote: he 100% told me he would wear one and be happy in it if I wanted him to...awww*. But it's just as much his day as it is mine, and I want him to feel comfortable! We toyed with the idea of having him and the groomsman wear suits for a while, but ultimately decided to have them wear navy blazers and khakis.

Casual, nautical and totally re-wearable! I think every guy should own a navy blazer, it's like a perfect Little Black Dress for boys.
Mr. Gloss was a little nervous at first, he didn't want it to be too 'sailory' as he called it - but we found blazers with pewter colored buttons instead of the typical gold buttons and he feels much better about it now (or at least he says he does!).

Similar to the picture above we bought navy ties for the guys:
The groomsman tie is from Brooks Brothers and is pictured on left, we were going to have all the guys wear the same tie (including Mr. Gloss), but then I found the tie on the right at JCrew and started to think that maybe Mr. Gloss wanted to have a different tie to stand out a little bit.

So what should he wear??

a) The Brooks Brothers tie to match the groomsman.
b) The different JCrew tie to stand out.
c) A different tie than the groomsman, but not the JCrew one above.
d) Bring them both and wear whichever one is less wrinkly by the time it gets unpacked!

What are your guys wearing for the big day?

Images: 1, tie images by me