the tools...

Just so you know; the ultimate DIY tool for graphics is out and is now shipping. CS4. It's beautiful, expensive if you don't use it on a day-to-day basis, but so beautiful. You can seriously do anything with these programs and probably about a million other things you will never know about -

These are the things my dreams are made of -

white aisle....

I finally had time to check out White Aisle after numerous tips from my fabulous readers and they didn't disappoint!

These are really clip on earrings but wouldn't they make super cute shoe clips? A little peep of bling on the classic shoe picture.

Luna @ $19.99

And they also have Deana, Darla and Alexis although they have different names and they are about half the price! Which means I can buy two right?


DIY'ed and went to heaven...

I think I've DIY'ed and gone to heaven. Style Me Pretty is featuring a whole month of DIY projects, and they are SO fabulous.

i may or may not have mentioned that i am planning on having sparklers @ our reception....
and therefore got unexceptionably excited at SMP's DIY post today!

oh wait, and there are MATCHING MATCHES?! .....( i also heart illiteration....)

and these are also beyond cute....

yup, love it. seriously, this DIY genious is my hero and has solidified by decision for yellow as a wedding color. if anyone has seen other details from this fantastic event please tell!!!


navy on navy?

So, if the guys are wearing navy blazers....can the girls wear navy dresses?
There are so many different shades of navy would they clash?

If not, JCrew (absolutely favoritist store ever) is having a sale!

option 1 - Jenelle @ $69

option 2 - Rebecca @ $89

option 3 - Claudine @ $99
Which would you choose? Is navy with navy out? Remember they are not wearing full navy suits, just jackets, which prob. wont stay on that long.....


bring on the environment saving...

btw, all your good wishes must have worked because:
you are reading the blog of a newly certified LEED AP!
so, bring on the environment saving.

bridal bling...

I can't really do a necklace since my dress is a halter right now (although this may change after my alterations appointment), so I'm planning on doing fantastic earrings and possibly a bracelet.

Please meet the contenders....all via Amy's Bridal Accessories.

First we have Deana-

Next, I present Darla -
And lastly, Alexis -
Who do you love?



i am loving this lego inspired flatware (can i call it flatware?) found via the kitchen.
would it be entirely inappropriate to register for these?

yellow bellied or green eyed?

I debated for a long time about, you guessed it....C O L O R S .
Let me set the tone - a boat, navy blazers, bright white tablecloths/navy runners/white vases, and (insert mystery color here) flowers.

I went back and forth for about 8 months on the following question:
kate spade yellow OR kate spade green?

i truly could not decide,
there are benefits to each color -

a) YELLOW - more traditional 'nautical', numerous flower choices, pops great with navy. potential downsides - inappropriate text color (hard to read), probably pretty hard to look good in a yellow bridesmaid dress

b) GREEN - more preppy nautical color, fewer flower choices, more tonal diversity within the color range, love the green shoe pop of color, easier b-maid dress choices, acceptable text color

Remember that I purchases these bad boys for the centerpieces (4 per table) and they will each have a stem or two - a.k.a. budget chic.
These are some of the flower varieties I am considering:
all flower images from cutflower.com

I love how the yellow centers of the white flowers help to tie in with the more vibrant solid yellows. Which would you guys choose?



I know I said I wasn't going to post anything, but this is too good to go unknown, found via budgetsavybride.

E.L.F. has been bought out by Nordstrom and almost everything is 1.00 on their site. Even if you don't wear their make-up now would be a good time to stock up on brushes!

The website is:
When you check out there is a space for a coupon code. Use CAROLINA and save an additional $7.50 if your order is over $15.00. Basically free shipping!


to be green...

I want to appologize as posting will be light this week. I am studying to take the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) exam on Monday and while I am wholeheartedly behind the concept and ideals, the material could not be more dry. For those who are not familiar with LEED it is basicly a guide on how to build 'green'/ecofriendly. From what I have heard, it is a memorization exam but there is A LOT to memorize; the pass rate is roughly 30% soooo I need to be distractionless (a.k.a. no blogging, no google reader). Yikes.

Wish me LUCK!!


what happens on mondays...

Sometimes, on days like today, (when I had to work and it seems everyone around me didn't), I need a little help smiling. These are my favorite 'bad day blogs' - featuring fabulous photographs and classic commentary, they always put a smile on my face.

a) Cake Wrecks. 'When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.' yup - exactly the opposite of the fantastic cakes you see on all the great wedding blogs. check out their website if you want to see the inspiration photo for this cake -
oh it's the new orleans super dome? of course it is.

b) It's Lovely! I'll Take It! - 'A collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate listings.' A picture really is worth a thousand words, and really it would not have been to difficult to move so this upside down couch was not in the photo....

or this one - who wouldn't be more inclined to buy a condo if there was an entire couch full of bears in it? i mean really -


make me pretty...

i'm not really a make-up person. i just lack the desire or the time on a day-to-day basis. however, the one thing i will not leave the house with is my mascara. lately i have been using clinique, i'm not sure what the name of it actually is, but its the one with the two ended brush.
i've been thinking about what type of products i should wear on the big day. i haven't yet decided whether or not to have someone do my make-up yet, there aren't very many options where we are getting married and i'm not sure i'd be happy with any of them really, unless i asked someone to drive (a ways) which probably isn't in our budget. which leads me to my quest for the best make-up.

from what i can gather MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Laura Mercier are all favored quite heavily. so i ask this to you -

what should i wear? what are your make-up staples?

boxes are great.

i love boxes, i love putting things in boxes, or cute empty boxes that make me look organized when really i am not. these are some of my favorite 'wedding boxes' via the new issue of the bible (aka Martha Stewart Weddings).
i love these preppy boxes.
AND they can be DIY'd. directions from martha here -

super chic cake box - also from martha

i'm pretty sure i could blow our whole budget on cute boxes for cake, cute boxes for favors and cute boxes to mail our invites and enjoy every minute of it.


the dress...round two

i had mentioned chris kole in a previous post but i just saw her spring '09 collection and fell in love with this dress. simple. volume. COTTON - AMAZING! it's making me seriously re-evaluate my previous dress decision.

can i be a two dress bride?



i have been recently scoping out registry options for modern bedding and haven't really found anything i just 'had to have', until today. if this sounds familiar you should really check out inmod.com. DYOD - design your own duvet. i seriously lost productivity for a few hours at work today playing with their different options. you can chose each the base color and embroidery colors to complement whatever look you are shooting for. sign me up please! best of all, you get exactly what you are looking for and the prices are reasonable! the one i made for our bedroom was only $154 for a queen.

check it out.

invitation love...

so this is what i'm going for with my invites. this invitation suite is from Hello Lucky. i love how the different elements are tied together with the translucent envelope, baker's string and wax seal. bonus - it makes DIY super easy, no pocketfolds to make! is it too simple?

this custom made gocco invites are from uglykitty found via flickr. i love the idea of incorporating a compass rose, it hints at the nautical - but doesn't scream it.

what do you think? what are your invites going to look like?


be inspired...

Southern Weddings is held a contest for their readers to create an inspiration board of their choosing. You should definitely pop over to their site to view them, there are 20 boards and they are letting readers vote for their favorites.

The board pictured above is #10 and i am LOVING the neutral palette.

The board below is #1. It seems soo rich and decidant.

apple picking...

yesterday was such a perfect fall day. armed with my staple jcrew bella jacket, a cute pashmina, the boy and a bridesmaid i went apple picking! i made cinnamon-apple crepes this morning. delish. and as we speak there is an apple pie in the oven. the apples were huge, and we have tons left over. 1/2 a bushell didn't seem like a lot of apples at the time. any suggestions as to other yummy things to make?


i heart free stuff.

a few weeks ago i was the lucky winner of 18 of these FANTASTIC wine glasses via Sparkliatti and i got them today! yay!!!
i am a wine lover - fueled further by living a year in Italy and traveling to napa valley for winter vaca last year. some of my favorites pictures from those places are above (taken by me).
these glasses are incredible, they are Eisch Breathable crystal and basicly the glassware uses oxygenation treatment (somehow they re-engineered the structure of the glass molecule) and wines poured into the glass will show signs of aeration equivalent to those that were decanted and aerated for 2-4 hours. pretty cool right? you can also register for them at bed bath and beyond. which i think we might to complete our collection!

we won 6 of the grappa, (similar to a flute shape).

6 of the chardonnay

and 6 of the burgundy (and these bad boys are HUGE, particularly awesome when you've had a bad day).

the collection we recieved is worth over $475!! sooo exciting!


it's FRIDAY!!

I've been tagged by Silvia at WeShallWed so here it is...

4 Things I Did Today

1. ate cheese puffs with a glass of chardonnay
2. organized my markers
3. stalked wedding blogs
4. pretended pilates will help me loose weight

4 Things On My To Do List
2. go apple picking.
3. book a photographer
4. anything cardio related.

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures
1. Gossip Girl
2. Felipe's Burritos
3. stalking wedding blogs...see #3
4. raw cookie dough/brownie batter

4 Random Facts About Me:
1. I grew up in a town with a population of 74 people.
2. i really like the smell of the freezer/cold.
3. my rubber boots are green with hot pink insides.
4. i prefer fountain soda. 1/2 diet coke, 1/2 regular coke
and i order it that way at restaruants.

and I tag....
Relentless Bride
The Sweetest Occasion

brown paper packages...

just to add fuel to the firey addiction that is etsy, i purchased these bad boys the other day from a store aptly named 'string'. i plan on using them for anything and everything. including wedding-related paraphanalia (blue and white). the red and white has plans to wrap christmas presents. there is just something so humbling and genuine about kraft paper and baker's twine. i hope i'm not the only one who sees this and my that friends don't think i'm totally cheap for avoiding wrapping paper.
and yes i do love/own two copies of the sound of music.

flower misfits

When I asked my bridemaids to be well, bridesmaids, I said the only thing I truly cared about was 1. that they show up, 2. they would be kind enough to remove any errant baby's breath or carnations from ANYWHERE that I could possibly see.
Well, hours of perusing wedding blogs has altered my opinions. Tthere are many carnation bouquets tightly wrapped together that look so stunning, like this one. (I'm still not really sold on carnations as singular entities, but in bulk they do wonders.)
And this wedding totally changed my mind about baby's breath. Although I don't think it's right for my wedding, it is incredibly soft, romantic, whimsical and a great resource for budget brides like myself.

I wont suggest going quite this far though, bad martha, bad.


the dress.

Dear Mr. Gloss,
If you are for some reason reading this right now, this is your hint to stop, really, or I will hurt you...... and then make you buy me a new dress.

Well ladies, here is the dress story:
I 'ran with the brides', except I didn't really run - I waited until everyone else ran and then rolled in with my girls around 10. It was REDICULOUS, it was me, my mom, my MOH, one of my bridesmaids and a friend from work. As I said, the doors opened at 8AM, some brides and their troops had been there since 3AM!!! (That is determination!!)

Not us! We like sleeping in...by the time we arrived there were no lines to wait in which was great, except almost all the dresses were gone from the racks! Everyone who had arrived early had grabbed as many dresses as they were able and were guarding their stockpiles of dresses. It was SO overwhelming, I really had no idea where to start, but we fanned out and went our separate ways to search (armed with walkie-talkies and one really loud bridesmaid). After about the first 5 minues of aimless walking through emptyish racks, I basically stood in an area and my talented troops brought me dresses. They knew roughly what I was looking for (which really wasn't what I bought) because we had a giant sleepover at my place the night before and I had put together a power-point of potential dress candidates. (I'm really not that OCD, power point= download pics off the internet and ripped from magazines, it was really more of a slide show, and they had requested it to help to know what to find!)

I tried on A LOT of dresses; it was like a speed trial for dress shopping. Honestly, they probably brought me like 60 dresses, and I tried them all on (it was exhausting).
TRF (totally random fact): I ended up buying the ONLY dress I had picked out for myself, the girl next to me tried it on and didn't like the way it fit. It looked kind of interesting and I didn't see any of my ladies coming with new dresses and it was uncomfortable standing there with very little on, so I asked if I could try it on. She said "Yes", that she wasn't going to buy it. She said YES!!

I'm not a very small girl, I've always been at the large end of the retail rack being close to six feet tall. Now, here comes the magic part, she was maybe 4-6 sizes smaller than me at least and the dress was too long but fit her pretty well. Everyone says bridal sizes run small - so i was expecting to have to up-size BUT this dress is a size SMALLER than my actual dress size (um, SOLD). I really think it was magic - a little like 'the sisterhood of the traveling pants'. If retailers were smart they would label all their dresses a size or two down :)

So, without further ado - I present my dress :
Her name is Eudora and she was lovingly made by the amazing Melissa Sweet.

(and because I heart a bargain, the retail on the dress is $4600 and I paid $725 after taxes.)

the backthe sweet little chapel train
the front
the top
bottom front
and the full back

It's difficult to see the detail but the basic construction is three layers off tulle with lace applied to the middle layer. The lace is more dense at the top of the dress and disperses as it travels downward.

It's totally not what I pictured myself wearing, but I love how romantic it feels and the tulle makes it SO much fun to wear - I feel like I little girl twirling around in a tutu when I wear it. What do you guys think? Did I miss out by not having the boutique bridal experience? Or do you have a crazy dress story as well?