don't tempt me...

are these not the most beautiful things you've ever seen in the flat world?
imagine these bad boys peeking out from under your wedding dress; and btw they absolutely qualify for your 'something blue' so you need to feel no guilt when purchasing.

ras satin opera skimmer via neiman marcus



almost three months in and still nothing booked. a little closer on the venue -
opt. a) katahdin - greenville

opt. b) the mooring b&b - georgetown

opt. c) picnic field @ SMCC - s.portland


Ok, so I know I am not supposed to do this ('this' being plan my own shower) but I know what I want so I'm prepared to drop hints.....
I won't actually be 'planning' it persay; I just told my MOH what I wanted the theme to be since I'm not really a fan of showers where people give you useless things....like a 'pound shower', I don't really need/want a pound of pasta or sugar, although I will gladly smile and say thank-you should this occur.
Anywho - I HEART wine, we both do; we have drank our way through Napa Valley and Italy. I saw the idea of a wine-themed bridal shower somewhere and knew I wanted one. The idea is that everyone brings a bottle of wine for the couple to start a collection together.
To add my own twist; included with the invitations will be a wine tag - to describe what event the couple will drink your bottle on. These are the events I have come up with so far, and I've run out of ideas - any thoughts? Whats your favorite thing to drink to???

Wedding Night
New Years Eve
One Year Anniversary
New Home
First Married Fight
First Child
Movie Night
With a Special Dinner
Just Because
With Good Friends
With Company
Just for FUN!
With the Other is Away
A Random Monday
A Random Tuesday
A Random Wednesday
A Random Thursday
Friday Night at Home
Saturday Night at Home
After the Honeymoon

(and yes random wednesdays are sometimes 'events')