Nearly Nautical Nuptials : A Few Moments Alone

After a few bridal party photos (alright, maybe it was more than a few). Mr. Gloss and I snuck away for a few photos of our own.

The shots in the Adirondack chairs are my favorite, and I don't think it would feel like a true Maine wedding without them!

And the view isn't that bad either ;). 

Although it looks as if we are looking lovingly out at the view in the photo below, Mr. Gloss is actually staring at the canon and discussing how much fun it would be to shoot it off. 
Me: 'No, I'm not going to ask if they will let you shoot off the canon..."

The PDA came a little more naturally when all our friends and family weren't around -



While I may look blissful and composed, about now I am freaking out (albiet, in my mind) about the time. I should have sewn a pocket for my blackberry into my dress. Not that I would've been chatt'n it up on my wedding day, but it gives me a sense of security - and I would've known what time it was. Fortunately our photogs were awesome and we were right on time! We piled myself and my dress into my MOH's Jeep and it I basically felt like a giant snowball in the passenger seat.  Word on the street is that we got some looks while driving, I wouldn't know since I was up to my eyeballs in dress.

The plan was to get on the boat by 3:30. The boat was scheduled to leave at 4:30, we figured guests would start arriving around 4. But when we got there (3:30ish) guests were already there! an hour early!  I made my dad drive me aproximately 50' from the parking lot to 4' from the entry of the boat where I got out and dashed up the ramp.  It was more of a diversion technique, I'm really not that lazy I swear!

I tried to sneak onto the boat as best I could without being seen, but I’m pretty sure I was spotted :).

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography


Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The Glossy Gals Get Ready
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : Putting on my Party Dress
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The Glossy Guys Get Ready
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The Glossy Gift Exchange 
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The First Look
Nearly Nautical Nuptials :  Wedding Party Photos


Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Wedding Party Photos

After our first look we got started on shots of our fabulous bridal party.

Never one to forget anything my MOH remembered to bring everyone's flowers out -
Look how excited they got!

Flowers in hand - session commenced.
First up - classic prom poses :)

and vogue ... you know we belong in a JCrew ad ;)

There are about 200 more where these came from but you only need to see a few right?  Four will suffice to prove we have amazing friends who love us and will wear navy wool blazers and long sleeve shirts and pants in the 2 o'clock in the afternoon in 80 degree weather - mmm yeah - our bridal party rocked.

Ladies first of course...

Aren't my friends gorgeous?

And the boys....looking so GQ.


Is that is?! Are we ready to get married yet?!
(not quite, Mr. Gloss and I snuck off for a mini photo-session, while our friends continued to...hydrate)

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography


Nearly Nautical Nuptiuals : The Glossy Gals Get Ready
Nearly Nautical Nuptiuals : Putting on my Party Dress
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The Glossy Guys Get Ready
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The Glossy Gift Exchange 
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The First Look


Newlywed Blog Is Up!

I will continue to finish up my wedding recaps here, but in the meantime, my newlywed blog is up and running at Classically Modern . NEST!
It will be a little bit of everything in my life as a newly married lady – a little cooking/baking, the search for our first house, decorating inspiration for when we buy that house, and random things I feel necessary to share throughout the week :). I hope you will come and continue to follow me there!



Would You Like Salt on That?

Just a Reminder!

Boston Meet-Up.
Where: Fajitas and 'Ritas [25 West Street], close to both the park street (red/green line) and downtown crossing (red/orange/silver lines) t-stops.
When: 6PM.
Why: Margaritas +Wedding chatter - enough said.

From the looks of things we are going to have a pretty good turnout!

You can take a sneak peak at the menu here :


dear wedding industry...

Dear Wedding Industry,

I have already gotten married, please stop sending me multiple daily emails. I do not need to know the ‘#1 Hot Floral Tip for Brides’, or that it has been ‘Two Months Since Your Wedding’. I have unsubscribed from your mailing lists, that I never subscribed to in the first place, countless times and still you ignore my requests. I have marked you as ‘SPAM’ and still you come back for more. I get really excited when my phone vibrates alerting me that I have a new email and am perpetually disappointed when I learn that it is only you.
Please leave me alone. That is all.

Heres my ‘Hot Tip': If I were to get married again I would make a ‘getting married email account’ and use it for all wedding sites. That way I could completely ignore you after the big day except for on the occasions where I am bored at work and actually want to wade through the countless mass emails.


(and that goes for you too VistaPrint).


Nearly Nautical Nuptials: First Look

After the guys arrived, our photogs quickly worked out the details of where our first look should take place (the lawn) and confirmed that I was ready to see my groom (I was). They arranged our bridal party in a haphazard-esque circle around Mr. Gloss, who’s back was toward me.

*Pardon the interruption, but I need to set the scene a little more…On the weekends, in the summer, the Blair Hill Inn has outdoor concerts. At this point I was hardly focused on anything but myself, but I did note what looked like a band rehearsal out of the corner of my eye as we were preparing for our first look. As our photographer motioned for me to start my walk the band started playing (totally coincidental!). And what were they playing you ask? Oh, it just happened to be At Last by Etta James – could not be more perfect for a couple that has dated almost a decade right!?

Here I was walking towards my groom with a small trio of beautiful music guiding me – seriously, this was like planets aligning and jackpot signs lining up, at that point I knew it was going to be a perfect day no matter what happened.

He started to turn...

...and we hugged.

Thinking back about it know, I wish we had done this alone. Neither Mr. Gloss, nor I, are one to express emotion in front of others and I think we both sort of avoided the situation by a) not looking at each other for more than like 2 seconds and b) not really acknowledging what exactly was happening, so we wouldn’t get all teary-eyed.

So after we hugged, instead of sharing an intimate moment together, I backed away and was like….’uh, so, what happens now?’

I was really thinking, this is so awkward to have everyone looking at us...maybe I'll just play with my dress a little more.

Nice right?

I would’ve stayed close to him for much longer, maybe some nice words would’ve been uttered, (and we might’ve even kissed!) had ALL our best friends not been staring at us, (in case you didn’t notice we aren’t too big on PDAing). In fact, we were practically FORCED to kiss during our ceremony rehearsal by our families (I think this stems from the fact that we started dating in HighSchool and we weren’t really ‘allowed’ to kiss, let alone in front of our families!).

Whatever, you live and you learn…

…and then he goes in for the kill when he thinks no one is looking.

We took shots of our fabulous bridal party next!

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography


Nearly Nautical Nuptiuals : The Glossy Gals Get Ready
Nearly Nautical Nuptiuals : Putting on my Party Dress
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The Glossy Guys Get Ready
Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The Glossy Gift Exchange


I love a good blow...OUT!

This weekend was supposed to be my PWC weekend and I was VERY ready. I was google image searching ALL Friday for 'short curly hair' knowing that I was ready for a big change (which doesn't happen that often). After venting my frustration about only finding decaying pictures from the 80's and early 90's - Mrs. Cupcake confirmed my fear that there are no cute short haircuts for CHG (curly hair girls). But, ugh - I was SO ready for that change. I though about changing the color but I'm waay to lazy to maintain something like that.

So, I ended up with a PPWC a 'PARTIAL post-wedding chop' and an awesome blow out (not always the case for us curly hair girls!) While not a total change, my hair feels SO much healthier!

Did anyone else not do the big PWC?


Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Glossy Gift Exchange

While we were still sequestered away in our separate hotels we exchanged our gifts.

I forced Mr. Gloss to write me a sweet, heart felt note about how much he loved me. No really, I gave him the card to write it on and everything -

He gave me a beautiful jewelery box from Pottery Barn (which I like the believe comes with a lifetime promise to fill it with more shiny things). *cough*diamond studs*cough*

I wrote him a note (knowing he would probably skim it, hoping he would keep it to read later). He totally lost it. At least he pretended to read it for the photographer.

And then he opened his 'gift'.

Which happened to be a new acoustic electric guitar. I wrapped it well huh? I didn't want to lug it up to Maine so I gave him a guitar IOU and some new picks in his favorite color.

Look how excited he got!

What are you giving your groom?

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography


Nearly Nautical Nuptiuals : The Glossy Gals Get Ready

Nearly Nautical Nuptiuals : Putting on my Party Dress

Nearly Nautical Nuptials : The Glossy Guys Get Ready


Black, White & Chic All Over

I have a confession, I'm married - but I'm not over wedding planning! Apparently I didn't get it out of my system, and I can't say Mr. Gloss is going to be happy about that one when I ask to plan another party. It could get really out of control ;) , so for now I'll resign to fake-planning other people's weddings.
One of my MOH's good friends is getting married next summer AND an avid WB stalker (although who wouldn't be?). So at my MOH's wedding recently, we had a little wedding conference in the 'cocktail area' while the boys watched and rolled their eyes (they were totally just jealous). Anyways - she started dishing about their plans - a black and white tented cocktail reception on her grandparents property (which apparently is castle-esque) and then the wheels started spinning....

Enter : Black, White and Chic All Over

I'm picturing an all white reception (white tent/white linens/white serving dishes) with a few black accents for punch. Since it's a cocktail reception and sit-down tables probably wont be provided, it would be great to have more of a 'lounge area' where people could sit and chat (with all white furniture of course).
The bride would carry a gorgeous white anemone bouquet wrapped in black silk. The bridesmaids and hightop cocktail tables would have lush bunches of either hydrangea or baby's breath.
I would do a silhouette theme for the event - to be translated to cocktail napkins, programs, the cake and obviously the invitations. It's such a simple, timeless and classic concept.
Near the end of the night the waiters would bring around oreo cookies set on top of shot glasses filled with milk as a little midnight snack!

How did you fill your wedding planning void?


Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Glossy Guys Get Ready

Meanwhile, the guys were getting ready down the road. I know they were contemplating the meaning of marriage and the seriousness of the day...

...I mean getting their mother to iron their clothes...

...and updating their fantasy sports leagues on their iphones...

...and trying to figure out exactly how to tie their ties...

...and button those tiny buttons on their shirt cuffs.

Mr. Gloss' brother (and best man) helped him tie his tie.

He put on his jacket...

and they were ready to go!

Putting on the boutonnieres was apparently too much to ask and when they arrived for our first look and formal photos my girls had to put them on for them. It was a safety pin and a piece of rope people....

There was a fair amount of hydration going on.... I think Mr. Gloss was the only one who opted for a non-alcoholic version. But, in all fairness it was HOT and he does love purple Gatorade.
I think he picked up that gatorade at the same gas station he bought those $3.99 sunglasses in, the sunglasses that just happened to show up in 80% of our wedding pictures.....I'm pretty sure they say NASCAR on the side.

At this point I was mostly relieved that
a) everyone was mostly on time
b) the guys were dressed and they had located both the pants AND tie for Mr. Gloss (which I had handed to him less than 12 hours previously)
and c) no one was in the ER. This may not be a foremost concern for most people but after I learned that their 'relaxing guy morning' included driving out into the middle of the lake and jumping of a 40' cliff via a rope swing I had my doubts.

But they were all in one piece and ready to go...

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography , except for the rope swing pic ;)


Nearly Nautical Nuptiuals : The Glossy Gals Get Ready

Nearly Nautical Nuptiuals : Putting on my Party Dress

Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Putting on My Party Dress

Gently suspended from her monogrammed hanger, there she was....my party dress. A delicious creation made by the one and only Melissa Sweet hanging out in the window, just waiting to be put on and twirl the night away.

I unzipped her....

....and stepped in to the last dress I would ever wear as 'Miss' Gloss.

There was some finagling in order to not give our photog a full on frontal. My girls formed some sort of protective circle around me and initiated a complex dressing sequence - one to hold the veil, two to pull off my dress without ruining my hair, one to keep the wedding dress up and one to supervise.

I was on the other end making sure the ladies didn't jump out...

...and then they started to zip.

*interupts to say* Man, my back totally looks ripped in this pic. I'm pretty sure it doesn't normally look like that, but then again, I guess I don't see it that often. Continue with soft, pudgy back pics below...

And this would be my 'OMG are we done!? am I really a bride now?! I'm so excited!' face.

After the addition of a few accessories...

...I was ready to put on my shoes in all their bright yellow, Cole Haan loveliness.

One final look-over in the mirror and I thought I was ready, until....

...I felt a slight breeze, looked back, and....
....noticed my wedding party was under my dress. They were quote: "Just making sure they knew how to bustle it later"...but I'm pretty sure they were just sneak'n one last peak before I was officially a married lady ;).

One more adjustment confirmed my ladies wouldn't be trying to make an escape in the next 20 minutes and I was ready to go!

Erica and I went out onto the porch to take a few bridal shots before the guys arrived.

We had a fantastic view of the lake I would be getting married on shortly -

Then we heard the guys pull in and I went into hiding for a few more moments until our photographers worked out the details for our first look.

10 points to whomever can tell me which bee lent me one of my two somethings bee-orrowed shown in the photo above :)

*all photos by Erica Lyn Photography

Nearly Nautical Nuptials : Glossy Gals Get Ready