winston flowers

this is why i heart winston flowers.
just delightful.



Oh yes, I am the proud owner of 80 of these bad boys.
My plan of action (POA) is to line 4 of these down each table with flowers of varying heights and types but in the same color family....say orange or yellow....
I snatched these up at Ikea and I think they provide the perfect simple but modern DIY centerpieces for our tables. And at 4 per table (of 8) each couple could take one home if they wanted to.
They were pretty budget friendly - @1.99ea and I figure if I can find flowers for an average of $2/$3 per stem; the 4 centerpieces for the table would come to a total cost of between $16 and $20; which judging from other centerpiece costs seems reasonable. yes?
I haven't priced out actual centerpieces or actually even talked with any florists yet, what are you ladies expecting to pay per table?


a little bit nauti...

since we now have our boat reserved i can actually start putting into action some of the super cute nautical details i have seen around. the top images are from toast and tables, i don't remember where the ones on the pillows are from - pottery barn i think.

anyways, we wont go all out nautical/beach theme with lighthouses and starfish since we are not on the ocean and i think that that amount of nautical sometimes rides a fine line between classy and cheesy. i think i'll use 'rope' and a 'compas rose' as my nautical tribute with navy/white/yellow for colors.

if i remember correctly the pillows were like $65ea. at pottery barn - hopefully i can recreate them for cheap!

the first contract.

we have a date and a venue! i know i have said that before but as of 11.30 this morning we have a deposit put down! YAAY!!!
we are getting married August 15th, 2009 in Greenville, Maine on The Katahdin.

it feels good to be able to check something off my list.


link love.

I feel a sense of accomplishment - I transferred each of the blogs I daily stock from my google reader. If you find a blog you didn't know about before and learn something or see a super cute picture then it was totally worth the 24 minutes I just spent doing it.
Enjoy -

bridesmaid dresses....

navy b-maid dresses with cute yellow shoes?
should i go with a simple dress or the more architectural but soon to be dated dress no.1?
or yellow dresses with unknown navy shoes?
there are too many choices when planning a wedding.
i can't even chose bridesmaids, let alone what they would want to wear.

sidenote: we have a DJ!!!
although technically still no location.....


i heart brooks brothers.

since we are getting married on a boat- I think it is only appropriate to have the boys wear khakis and navy blazers. the boy said he would wear anything I chose (meaning a tux) but he is always so uncomfortable in them and I want him to be comfy/relaxed as it is his day too. these are a few of the contenders all from Brooks Brothers; I'm not sure if I like the gold buttons, or no? they seem to make it a bit more formal. opinions?


Happy Birthday to ME!

Its here...the day that I get to do whatever I want, no questions asked. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!


we found a place!

Almost 5 months after Mr. Gloss popped that bling on my finger we had FINALLY secured our venue....and had a date! We are getting married in Greenville, Maine in the middle of Moosehead Lake on the 100yr. old steamship Katahdin, affectionately nicknamed, 'the Kate'.


Our venue (if I can call it that) doesn't typically do weddings, although they have done a few in the past. When I ‘toured’ the boat I spoke to the captain who was EXTREMELY helpful since his daughter was married on the ship two summers ago. There were also a few surprises (good and bad). The good, we can pretty much do whatever we want, including bringing all our own food and alcohol. The bad, even though the boat holds 250, if we want to have everyone in the same area for the ceremony we will probably max out at 120. Which seems like a good number, however, Mr. Gloss and I have really large families. Both Mama Gloss and Mr. Gloss (who shall now be referred to as Mr. G since he thinks it sounds more ‘manly’) have seven siblings each. Yikes – so our guest list is primarily family and a few close friends. Another wrench into my plans was that we had to schedule our departure time around the pre-scheduled tours. Also, I had anticipated being able to have everything ceremony/dinner/dancing on the boat since the last time I was on it I remember it being HUGE, but on my ‘tour’ I quickly realized the spaces feel much smaller after age 7.

I was not deterred however since I had seen all these great modern, nautical photos for inspiration and I was determined to make it work.


images from the knot

I love that they are nautical but not lighthouse/beachy/nautical. They just have such a relaxing feel to them that I want to be present in our big day. The couple in these pictures got married at my ideal location, (not that I'm not super excited about the boat, but this place is seriously beautiful). So, if you have a diesel budget and decide to tie the knot here, please send me pictures so I can re-live my fantasy wedding through you!

And more! The top images are from toast and tables, and I think the pillows are from Pottery Barn, but don’t quote me on that.

Anyways, we won’t go all out nautical/beach theme with lighthouses and starfish since we are not on the ocean and I think that that amount of nautical sometimes rides a fine line between classy and cheesy. I’m planning on using rope and maybe some compass rose elements as my nautical tribute with navy/white/yellow for colors.

registry options.

These may have solidified my decision to register at SurLaTable. I think some of their items are overpriced, but they are just soooo cute/practical.

BTW I already have this ergonomic spatula and it is AMAZING. Highly, highly recommended it to anyone.


Toasty Warm.

How amazing is this? S'mores are my weakness; not only in the summer either - we presently have two bags of marshmallows in the kitchen....and it's halfway through September. I recently stumbled across this idea of a s'mores bar instead of a candy bar.

Sign me up!

Instead of the small roasting by candles I'm thinking of something more like this:

Also used to warm up beside just in case it gets a little chilly at night? Or do I really want my guests smelling like a campfire?