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ah, sorry for the lack of posting....deadlines at work combined with the fact I have nothing interesting to post = postless.

but WAIT!

Last Monday we started our PHYSICAL venue search, we went to about five places on our list from Portland down. Three country clubs, an inn and a to-be retrofitted church.
We met with a potential wedding coordinator at city-side events, she was super nice by the way. They are included with the "inn" package and the "retrofitted church" package. Unfortunately unless we want to expand our budget they are just a little out of our league and I feel like extra things could add up really fast...BUT they were absolutely accomodating and amazing. I just think I would rather have a house than a fancy smanchy party.

The country club venues were less than impressive. I refuse to get married in a box with evergreen carpet, burgundy drapes and gold light fixtures.

With no "Affordable" venues remaining, I searched the nether regions of the internet in search of a non-traditional venue (it was seriously like page 27 of a google search). I came across a post written by a photographer who was proud of herself for handing her business card to a women at the grocery store who mentioned she was getting married in a barn in cape elizabeth that was owned by one of the biggest florist businesses in Portland....

Yup, I emailed her. She was able to give me the name of the florist. [Good Start].
So I emailed the florist prefaced by an apology for the randomness of the email.

A few days later I got an email with a name and phone number of a guy. Rodney.
I called, left a message, we'll see what happens.

Here's what I'm hoping for :


walk your heart out...

two-tone ballet flats
hmm. jewel themed wedding in the garden.

peep-toe flats
modern wedding. black/white/turquoise with cocktails.

peep-toe mary janes
short dress. vintage vibe with a foot lifting kiss.

i want them all.


Shop It To Me

When I find that perfect dress I will surely search for it on here before I pay full price. And probably my outfits for engagement pictures, bridal shower, and bachelorette parties, and oh, just about anything else I don't need right this second!!

I HEART not paying full price!!!!


the cake

When I first got engaged I was doing my daily blog-stalking, and found this great cake (can't remember where I found it now, but I've seen it on a lot of inspiration boards since) and I just knew it was going to be my cake. I loved the proportions of the different tiers, HOWEVER, I was painfully aware that my budget would never allow for a this to happen. So here was my plan: *fake cakes*

Supplies Needed:
[18] 12" styrofoam discs at 1" ea. (9 for each side cake)
[10] 8" styrofoam discs at 1" ea. (middle tier of center cake)
[6] 6" styrofoam discs at 1" ea. (top tier of middle cake)
Joint Compound
Spray Paint - white and green (or whatever my colors end up being)
1 piece 3/32" Chipboard

My Plan of Action:
Purchase the bottom tier of the center cake from an actual baker so we can cut into it. Cake served to guests will be from sheet cakes in the back. *The design might need to be paired down depending on the skill-level of whomever our half-cake baker will be.
Glue together styrofoam 'tiers' and cover with joint compound; sand smooth. Paint. Cut pattern (either the one shown or a damask pattern) from the sheet of museum using a laser cutter. Spray paint pieces white. Attach to fake cake tiers. Finito! If you don’t have access to a laser-cutter to make super tiny precise cuts you could also use puff-paint, (I’m pretty sure they still sell that stuff)!

We'll see if it actually goes down like that. Test run required.


...the search continues...

Option 6 : The Landing
[no photos]
Cost : $5k site fee (includes all tables/chairs/event coordinator/etc.) + food
Pros : outside caterers allowed, on the water
Cons : under construction

Option 7 : The 1812 Farm

Cost :$3k + all rentals and food
Pros : no tent required
Cons : not on water, dark interior

Option 8 : The Laudhalm Farm Barn

Cost :$6k + all rentals and food
Pros : on water, no tent needed, available for set-up the day before
Cons : no candles, fireworks

Option 9 : Linekin Bay Resort

Cost : TBD
Pros : affordable
Cons : midcoast location, must rent a certain # of rooms, limited availability

Option 10: Sumaria

Cost : $4k + food
Pros : on water
Cons : no outside caterers


the search continues...

My gmail is overwhelmed with little blue email ID's labeled "the M word". I feel like I have exhausted every possible venue that has a website throughout the entire coast of maine. Here it goes -

Option 1 : Dunegrass Golf Club

Cost : $45-$60pp; $5k min charges on Fri and Sun, $9k on Sat. + [$500 + (120x$3 for chairs)] for ceremony on site
Pros : no facility rental charge; banquet room is neither green, burgundy nor gold
Cons : not on the water

Option 2 : The Inn on Peaks Island

Cost : $50pp; $5k rental fee for Sat., $3.5k for Fri/Sun.
Pros : Rental fee includes tent, tables, chairs, linens, lighting package, event coordinator and set-up/breakdown; on an island
Cons : on an island, small number of rooms for rent

Option 3 : Private Residence in Bar Harbor

Cost : $1k/day, $3,200/week + all rentals and food
Pros : huge house w/ lawn leading down to private dock, can bring your own alcohol
Cons : no nearby hotels for guests

Option 4 : Private Residence in York

Cost : $5k + cost of all rentals and food; another $3k if you want to spend the night
Pros : awesome location, you can bring in your own alcohol
Cons : expensive

Option 5 : Falmouth Country Club

Cost : $40pp; $5k rental fee for Sat., $3.5k for Fri/Sun.
Pros :Rental fee includes tent, tables, chairs, linens, lighting package, event coordinator and set-up/breakdown
Cons : not on water

faux chandelier

I just saw this super cute 3D chandelier from urban outfitters via Kate's Wedding and I must have it. And by 'it' I mean six.


The day after Mr. Gloss proposed I was online buying a Gocco and a ridiculous amount of supplies. I had been eying them after seeing the amazing invitations made by previous bees and stalking the Gocco Flickr stream like every day. When it arrived on my doorstep I didn’t really have anything that I needed to mass-produce, but I couldn’t wait to try out my new toy! Enter Paper Source, a girls bestest friend. I walked out with waay too many flat and folded cards (with matching envelopes of course) with the excuse that I would make amazingly cute notecards for a friend’s upcoming birthday.

Without further ado, my first Gocco experience-

To start I watched this fantastic explanatory video. I really think this lady has been exposed to way too many gocco flashes. Although, I’m not going to lie – I enjoy her immensely and have found myself watching other Paper Source tutorials just to get more of her rediculousness!

I had made my design in illustrator and had decided to start with something simple - but I'm also way cheap and wanted to expose two cards for the price of one; I haven't printed the second card yet because I need to wash the first screen so it doesn't get on the SECOND print. But this is the first one - Kate Spade inspired obviously!

The pictures don't do it justice, (I swear I actually have a half-decent camera), apparently I just suck at taking pictures. Anyways this is the final product, the text says "just dropping a line..." and the navy ink for the arrow is actually embossed, so it's raised just a little bit off the page which I think gives it a little extra pizzaz.

So this is my inked screen, red and navy since it's kind of a nautical theme...you can just barely see the second image in the center. (actually probably not at all, but it's there! also please note the fantastic barbie pink mani.)

And the completed set, I also did little arrows on the envelopes; I should have done these first and then added the second ink (red) and done the cards, but I wasn't thinking - so I just put down scrap paper each time I printed and now have tons of little pieces of paper that say "just dropping a line..."

Same day – new project, inspired after a trip to Michael’s where I found this super cute dress stamp.

Again, sorry for the blurry photo. These were the "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards I had for my ladies. I got the stamp, cards, ink pad and embossing powder at Michaels. Corner punch via Friskers at Jo Ann fabric? Oh and the most important part - the HEAT GUN, at Michaels too.
Really it's so easy -
1. stamp card.
2. pour powder on wet ink.
3. shake off excess power.
4. apply heat gun until the power/ink combo gets shiny and raised.
5. DONE.

Anyways it looks so much harder than it is and it takes so little effort for such a great result!


dresses for my ladies...

the little thread that runs across gmail informed me that victoria's secret now has a line of bridesmaid dresses. the concept is interesting, it's a 7-1 jersey dress!

1) all ladies could have same dress and wear 7 different ways
2) under $100
3) made of jersey - SO COMFY
4) totally wearable again

1) color pallet is somewhat limited
2) may not be flattering on particular body types

ugh. i hate this heat.

for those of you in boston i think you will agree that this heat has been just plain gross. unfortunately we only have AC in one room (the bedroom) and have been spending most of our time in there sans laptops. ugh, i can't wait for this to be over, I need to find a VENUE!! i have found a few potential candidates although they either a) wont respond (prob. not a good sign but i really like the patio!), or b) we can only afford a friday reception.

anyways this heat makes me think about getting hitched here:

with a cute fur wrap and broach :



I recently found the most fabulous wedding font ever and really got WAY too excited about it. I mean really, it's just a font right? Yes, but this is THE font and it's filled with swirly perfectness.

Name : Burgues Script
Location : Veer.com
Cost : $99 (so worth it though)
Check it Out : here

"Burgues Script is an ode to the late 19th century American calligrapher Louis Madarasz, whose legendary pen has inspired schools of penmanship for over 100 years. His talent has caused some people to call him 'the most skillful penman the world has ever known."

I love anything that comes with accessories and this font has tons! There are 4+ letters for every alphabet letter and tons of little flourishes to add some extra sparkle.

I also eyed this one:

Name : Sudestada
Location : Veer.com
Cost : $59
Check it out : here

This one comes with 'extras' too, it's more of a handwritten look -



We received our first 'Congratulations on Your Engagement!' cards today. Makes it just a little more real, since we haven't set a date or location yet. I really like getting mail and the boy knows it, he gets home before I do and leaves the mail in the slot just for me when I get home....aww. ANYWAYS, one of the cards said "May you always be as happy as you are today" - thoughtful, yes. I just wish it had arrived a few days earlier, when the question was just asked, before we realized how much it was going to cost to feed our families and closest friends. Yes, that is the day I wish to be my forever happy day.

fun stationary

I'm staring to think about my invitation suite - I know, its probably a little early but if I make it now; forget about it for awhile, look at it again in a few weeks and still like it I know I'll have a winner and not something I end up wanting to change halfway through the process. (I do love a run-on sentance). So I went looking for some inspiration and found these really cute thank you cards, which you can purchase off esty.

Maybe a cute little monogram? Same esty seller. But I'm not sure how I feel about using our combined last name before the wedding.

I've also been considering using the laser cutter at work to incorporate elements into my invites. I like the earthy tone that chipboard gives things, plus it would be super inexpensive and unique!



I'm considering a tent-wedding. I'm a little nervous because everyone says that they can easily turn out to be more expensive than an 'all-inclusive' resort type wedding and we are absolutely on a budget. In my mind I'm selling myself by saying that I can do most everything as DIY - but I have no idea how much things such as tables and dance floors cost. Does anyone?
I just really can't picture my wedding 1) not by the water, 2) in some burgundy and gold mash of a ballroom. (No offense to those of you who do - just doesn't fit my color scheme).
My concerns, which have already presented themselves, are that I really don't care how much it costs - I want what I want and I'm only doing it once.....and I know with that attitude I will end up living in some sort of cardboard box once I can't pay my rent anymore.... see example. But seriously - what would I do with my shoes??

After living in dorm rooms and apartments where I have not been able to personalize the space I am absolutely ecstatic about the possibility of creating a space totally my own. (Not to mention I am an architect and making 'space' is what I do - )

For those of you who are physics majors I know I'm not ACTUALLY making space, calm down, I'm speaking metaphorically.

cheap rent


what to wear, what to wear...

It's true; I am addicted to shoes.
All flat of course. I spent many a hour stalking shoes online before I found the *perfect ones*.

Maybe some more formal ones for the ceremony?

silver ones
satin d'orsay flats!

and OH! JCrew! Most of their shoes were out of my budget (unless they happened to be on final sale) but they are SO amazing.

two-tone ballet flats
hmm. I'm thinking a jewel themed wedding in the garden.

peep-toe flats
modern wedding. black/white/turquoise with cocktails.

peep-toe mary janes
short dress. vintage vibe with a foot lifting kiss.

how is a girl to chose?

haute hoedown

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the drama these muslin curtains add to the rustic barn. If it turns out seaside venues are out of our price range I think we will go this route -

I see galvanized metal buckets for flowers? and LOTS of paper lanterns throughout the ceiling.

and then we would absolutely drive away in this vintage car -

the dress

has anyone else noticed the plethora of wedding dresses that have pockets lately? these are just a few from j.crew - they make everything so playful! I'm not sure what I would keep in there... maybe a vintage handkerchief just in case I get a little teary?

let the fun begin...

Today I began my wedding shoppping!!! I did alot of research before I purchased these items so I thought I would share my findings -

1. The Gocoo. Yes, I bought it. I got the PG5 from Paper-Source; it's about the same cost after shipping if you purchase it from Japan but I decided to go with Paper Source since I thought it would be easier to deal with if something went wrong with the shipping, etc. The total cost was $155.40 after tax (free shipping on orders over $100).

2. I purchased the supplies at Northwood Studios they were the lowest prices for supplies I found and are based out of Florida. Total Cost: $136.05 but I got LOTS!

(3) B6 Masters - $37.50
(3) 10 Pack Lamps - $38.85
(1) 2 Pack Card Rack - $8.25
(8) Inks @ $3.25ea. - $26.00
(2) Ink Blocking - $5.50
(1) Cleaner - $5.95
and $14.00 shipping

SAVE THE DATES HERE I COME! once we find a venue....and set a date....