Poetic Licence Tilly :

If my colors stay kelly green/lime/chartreuse and navy like their are in my head right now these shoes would be SOOO perfect. They are featured on *Oh Happy Day* today and you can purchase them here : www.planetshoes.com/itemmatrix.asp?groupcode=2941

Even the details on the bottoms are fun....

Alas, they would have to be for my bridesmaids since they are not entirely flat -

free platinum

When I excitedly called the Glossy Grandparents to tell them my good news (that I was engaged) Nana Gloss said that she would like us to have a bar of platinum that Grampa Gloss had bought for her some time ago.

Grampa Gloss had bought with the intention of designing a ring for her, but she found a 'pre-made' one she liked in the meantime and the platinum has just been hanging out in their house for awhile. She wanted to offer it to Mr. Gloss to have my engagement ring made, but was a little to late as he had already had my perfect ring made - so now we are planning to use it for our wedding bands! I'm so happy to be able to incorporate something of theirs into a ring that I will be able to cherish forever!


the fabric of our lives.

I just found these cotton wedding dresses thanks to *With this Ring* by Chris Kole of 'The Cotton Bride'. Who wouldn't want to wear one of these gowns and feel light and comfy on their big day? after all it IS the fabric of our lives -

Not to mention the detailing is amazing, perfect for a summer garden party or beach-side fete. They make me want to leave work right now and go play in the grass.

picture perfect....or wait...

Generally I am overly concerned about looking terrible in photographs, a fear that is compounded by the fact that I just received a new license. I think it has almost become second nature to duck out of pictures and/or just generally avoid them whenever I can. But really I LOVE pictures, and this is the one thing I am most excited about for the wedding - weird, I know. Keeping this in mind here is a list of things I am most concerned about on my wedding day :

a. Yellow teeth. I don't drink coffee or smoke, so I really shouldn't be so concerned, also I use straws whenever possible because they just make things more fun - but I just get nervous....so, Crest White Strips here I come....again (last time I used them they made my teeth super sensitive and it hurt to eat, hmm, maybe that will actually be a good thing for me)

b. Looking so much taller than Mr. Gloss. Yes, it's true, I am taller than Mr. G by about 4" on a bad day.....therefore I can been confined to shoes with no more that 1/8" heel, and he will be wearing a little extra *padding* down there... I know it's something that I shouldn't really be concerned about since 'appearance doesn't matter' but I don't want the pictures looking funny.

c. Vagina Arms. Those little folds of skin around the armpit area - enough said. See picture below of Tyra beautifully annotated by Miss Candy Corn.
I'm sure there is other stuff I'm missing - what are you guys nervous about?


...I'd like you to meet my fiance

so today was our first formal event as an engaged couple. it is amazing how many people are truly excited (even if they don't know you) to know that you are engaged. since I'm not one for whipping up conversation it makes those awkward pauses a whole lot easier....EVERYONE can talk about a wedding - maybe we should just say engaged forever to alleviate those silenced moments in conversation everyone dreads.....or is that just me?



cute idea for 'the morning after'.
maybe out-of-town bags?
or maybe just for the bridal party to say 'THANKS- Hope you had FUN!'

the infamous red sole

if anyone wants to purchase these little 'ol thangs for me it would be much appreciated. am i allowed to put these on a registry?

@ $575 i would only have to wear them everyday for two years and they would practically pay for themselves!


Rock, pepper, {scissors}, salt.

Ideally this is my last 'home' accessory shopping (cross my fingers) until the wedding is over, which could be awhile, but really I don't need to be spending money on things we could register for, right? CB2 was having such a great sale that I couldn't help myself...

Salt and pepper shakers anyone? See why I couldn't resist -
I also picked a couple sets of these cute tags at only $0.95

to DIY or not to DIY

I have a serious addiction to all things craft related and can't wait to purchase fun new toys that are so clearly required for wedding related crafts.

Purchase #1 : the Gocco - I never knew how much I needed one until reading all the fantastic posts from Weddingbee users who have created their enitre invitation suites with this contraption. The word on the street is that it is a Japanese screen printing machine for middle schoolers (sounds easy enough right?). They are hard to come by in the US but are making a comeback...sounds like a trip to Paper-Source TODAY! The instructions are in Japanese but the ladies from Weddingbee have done super informative tutorials....in English.
Purchase #2 : gulliotine paper cutter - I have a rotary paper cutter but it seems like I always have to replace the blades. So ebay, here I come.

Purchase #3 : corner rounder (x2) - oh rounded corners how I love you...this is definitely a times two purchase.....with four corners on each piece of paper I think I will definitely have to recruit some help for this task.
Purchase #4 : xyron sticker maker - I'm not sure this will get used but I still want one. could be cute for save the date stickers?


if i had my druthers...

dear french's point retreat, you could not be more perfect for my absolute dream wedding. there is just one small problem, I'm pretty sure my budget would not even accommodate your facility rental fee at $110 per person. $10k+ to enjoy a patio/lawn area for 4 hours seems excessive and my invite would have to read:

Dear (guest)
I appreciate your driving six hours to see me get married, especially considering gas is over $4/gallon, however, I hope you find the view delicious since I could not afford to hire a caterer after renting this fantastic venue. There will also be no open bar or favor to say thanks for spending my most special day with me, so just sit back and relax and truly enjoy this overpriced, impeccably manicured patch of grass.

french's point, stockton springs, me

I may sound cynical but what I really mean is please please p l e a s e let me get married here -

..the bling finger

there is a shiny new accessory on a certain someone's left hand. mine! I have started this blog as a way to document my engagement and the fantastic ideas I come across online and am too lazy to actually print out and place in the typical 'wedding binder'. plus, this way others can be as inspired as I am by the fantastic designers and endless talent out there regarding the most important day of your life! enjoy!