anchors away....

Mr. Gloss and I looked EVERYWHERE (three different states! although Maine was our primary search location) to find that perfect/affordable venue...and we finally found one after about five months of searching, which seems like forever in the wedding world! We looked at lots of places, and researched way more, that had ‘Reception Packages’ and traditionally held/hosted Weddings – but, apparently I like to make things way more difficult than they need to be as we elected to choose none of them.

One day, Mama Gloss and I tossed around an idea for a venue, we chalked it up as something fantastical that would probably never happen….but we indulged ourselves anyways. There is a 100 year old steamship that runs somewhat near the town where I grew up. There are regularly scheduled 3 or 5 hour tours, BUT it turns out you can also rent out the boat for private events, it's $1.5k for the first two hours and something like $250 for each hour after that (which seemed pretty reasonable when compared to the rental charges of the other places that we were considering).

the Benefits:

a) sentimental value since I pretty much grew up on the lake

b) very touristy area in the summer

c) local enough so that I can potentially get 'good deals' on catering

d) I think it's pretty unique

e) the boat holds up to 250 people and has indoor areas and outdoor decks.....

the Downfalls: people who get seasick?

Anyways, I got really excited and made a potential save-the-date mock-up, because what is a perfect venue if you don’t have the perfect invitation to go along with it? Mind you, at this point I had barely researched anything about potentially have a wedding on a boat and hadn't even contacted the venue-

(ignore the square corners/they will be rounded and the dashed line will be perforated)


free inspiration!!

Kelly McWilliams from Weddings by Socialites is looking for brides to work with planners and photographer to create a 'setting'. The process seems really easy- your showcase planner/designer will contact you and let you know what showcase piece they'd like to create for you. Then all you have to do is give her/him your thoughts/ideas on what you'd like to see. They will create a design based on your input and then photograph both you and the design to feature on her blog! When I emailed her she said that they were still looking for more brides and to pass along the word - so I am!!

I really heart free stuff!

Sign me up!!!

i heart this invite

i always envisioned myself as a pocketfold kinda gal.
but then i saw this -

and now i think i'm a book girl.....


work+summer=no posts

three massive deadlines in a row combined with summer weather have led me to a severe lack of posting. apologies.

new things on the wedding front..... well, we still don't have a date; we still don't have a location; i maaay have picked colors. and found the invitations I want (i know, my priorities seem askew). they really aren't though!! i want a location and date, I just have a hard time settling for something I'm not 100% sold on and i NEEED everything to compliment each other.


midnight navy/bright lime/crisp white


cool grey/marigold/black

any thoughts?

looking at these I think I like the second set, but we will be on the water and I wasn't thinking tuxes and I LOOOVE green flowers (you can see the internal struggle)

also skipped work today and bought a wii.....best idea EVER.