Santa checked our wedding registries!!

I love shopping, and I especially love shopping with other people’s money ;). Macy’s was having some great sales this weekend (25% off, including sale items!) so I put those wedding gift cards to use and cleaned up some of the items off our registries. Instead of just coming home and putting them away I decided to wrap them and put them under the tree with a tag that read:

To: The Newlyweds
xoxo: Santa

This might seem crazy, but a) I love wrapping presents and b) now we can open them together just like our other wedding gifts! They were all things we either wanted or needed anyways (mostly kitchen stuff) and technically we didn’t pay for them, so it’s really like they are from Santa. (And they look pretty cute under our tree too) :).

Are you expecting any registry gifts for the holidays?


Wedding Ice Cream...

I know I should be finishing my recaps, but my computer is broken – and my blackberry isn’t advanced enough to be able to resize pictures :). So they are on pause until I make up my mind about what kind of computer I want. Anyways, the point of the story is this:

My loving husband came home with what he dubbed ‘Wedding Ice-Cream’.
He really had me at ice cream, but wedding ice cream sounded like a huge bonus. As I manhandled the shopping bag from him I saw this inside:

image from Hood.com

Moosehead Lake Fudge.

That is the lake we got married on my friends. That is the lake where we promised our lives to each other, surrounded by our families and friends. And it is now available in ice cream form….and it is delicious.

And you better believe we will have a scoop of this with the top layer of our cake for our 1st anniversary!