work+summer=no posts

three massive deadlines in a row combined with summer weather have led me to a severe lack of posting. apologies.

new things on the wedding front..... well, we still don't have a date; we still don't have a location; i maaay have picked colors. and found the invitations I want (i know, my priorities seem askew). they really aren't though!! i want a location and date, I just have a hard time settling for something I'm not 100% sold on and i NEEED everything to compliment each other.


midnight navy/bright lime/crisp white


cool grey/marigold/black

any thoughts?

looking at these I think I like the second set, but we will be on the water and I wasn't thinking tuxes and I LOOOVE green flowers (you can see the internal struggle)

also skipped work today and bought a wii.....best idea EVER.

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