Ok, so I know I am not supposed to do this ('this' being plan my own shower) but I know what I want so I'm prepared to drop hints.....
I won't actually be 'planning' it persay; I just told my MOH what I wanted the theme to be since I'm not really a fan of showers where people give you useless things....like a 'pound shower', I don't really need/want a pound of pasta or sugar, although I will gladly smile and say thank-you should this occur.
Anywho - I HEART wine, we both do; we have drank our way through Napa Valley and Italy. I saw the idea of a wine-themed bridal shower somewhere and knew I wanted one. The idea is that everyone brings a bottle of wine for the couple to start a collection together.
To add my own twist; included with the invitations will be a wine tag - to describe what event the couple will drink your bottle on. These are the events I have come up with so far, and I've run out of ideas - any thoughts? Whats your favorite thing to drink to???

Wedding Night
New Years Eve
One Year Anniversary
New Home
First Married Fight
First Child
Movie Night
With a Special Dinner
Just Because
With Good Friends
With Company
Just for FUN!
With the Other is Away
A Random Monday
A Random Tuesday
A Random Wednesday
A Random Thursday
Friday Night at Home
Saturday Night at Home
After the Honeymoon

(and yes random wednesdays are sometimes 'events')

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