Oh yes, I am the proud owner of 80 of these bad boys.
My plan of action (POA) is to line 4 of these down each table with flowers of varying heights and types but in the same color family....say orange or yellow....
I snatched these up at Ikea and I think they provide the perfect simple but modern DIY centerpieces for our tables. And at 4 per table (of 8) each couple could take one home if they wanted to.
They were pretty budget friendly - @1.99ea and I figure if I can find flowers for an average of $2/$3 per stem; the 4 centerpieces for the table would come to a total cost of between $16 and $20; which judging from other centerpiece costs seems reasonable. yes?
I haven't priced out actual centerpieces or actually even talked with any florists yet, what are you ladies expecting to pay per table?

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Kelly Merrill said...

I'm using fiftyflowers.com, just one kind of flower, and arranging myself (and making my bouquets).