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ah, sorry for the lack of posting....deadlines at work combined with the fact I have nothing interesting to post = postless.

but WAIT!

Last Monday we started our PHYSICAL venue search, we went to about five places on our list from Portland down. Three country clubs, an inn and a to-be retrofitted church.
We met with a potential wedding coordinator at city-side events, she was super nice by the way. They are included with the "inn" package and the "retrofitted church" package. Unfortunately unless we want to expand our budget they are just a little out of our league and I feel like extra things could add up really fast...BUT they were absolutely accomodating and amazing. I just think I would rather have a house than a fancy smanchy party.

The country club venues were less than impressive. I refuse to get married in a box with evergreen carpet, burgundy drapes and gold light fixtures.

With no "Affordable" venues remaining, I searched the nether regions of the internet in search of a non-traditional venue (it was seriously like page 27 of a google search). I came across a post written by a photographer who was proud of herself for handing her business card to a women at the grocery store who mentioned she was getting married in a barn in cape elizabeth that was owned by one of the biggest florist businesses in Portland....

Yup, I emailed her. She was able to give me the name of the florist. [Good Start].
So I emailed the florist prefaced by an apology for the randomness of the email.

A few days later I got an email with a name and phone number of a guy. Rodney.
I called, left a message, we'll see what happens.

Here's what I'm hoping for :

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Michelle said...

Have you taken a look The Red Barn in South Berwick? I'm in the same boat as you and--ugh, in venue overload. Anyways, there's a pond on the property and the remodeled barn has this wonderful fireplace in the entryway. Hope this helps!