if i had my druthers...

dear french's point retreat, you could not be more perfect for my absolute dream wedding. there is just one small problem, I'm pretty sure my budget would not even accommodate your facility rental fee at $110 per person. $10k+ to enjoy a patio/lawn area for 4 hours seems excessive and my invite would have to read:

Dear (guest)
I appreciate your driving six hours to see me get married, especially considering gas is over $4/gallon, however, I hope you find the view delicious since I could not afford to hire a caterer after renting this fantastic venue. There will also be no open bar or favor to say thanks for spending my most special day with me, so just sit back and relax and truly enjoy this overpriced, impeccably manicured patch of grass.

french's point, stockton springs, me

I may sound cynical but what I really mean is please please p l e a s e let me get married here -

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