picture perfect....or wait...

Generally I am overly concerned about looking terrible in photographs, a fear that is compounded by the fact that I just received a new license. I think it has almost become second nature to duck out of pictures and/or just generally avoid them whenever I can. But really I LOVE pictures, and this is the one thing I am most excited about for the wedding - weird, I know. Keeping this in mind here is a list of things I am most concerned about on my wedding day :

a. Yellow teeth. I don't drink coffee or smoke, so I really shouldn't be so concerned, also I use straws whenever possible because they just make things more fun - but I just get nervous....so, Crest White Strips here I come....again (last time I used them they made my teeth super sensitive and it hurt to eat, hmm, maybe that will actually be a good thing for me)

b. Looking so much taller than Mr. Gloss. Yes, it's true, I am taller than Mr. G by about 4" on a bad day.....therefore I can been confined to shoes with no more that 1/8" heel, and he will be wearing a little extra *padding* down there... I know it's something that I shouldn't really be concerned about since 'appearance doesn't matter' but I don't want the pictures looking funny.

c. Vagina Arms. Those little folds of skin around the armpit area - enough said. See picture below of Tyra beautifully annotated by Miss Candy Corn.
I'm sure there is other stuff I'm missing - what are you guys nervous about?

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