advice por favor...

Ok ladies, (I'm assuming no males are reading this blog), I need your help. I think I've looked at all the 'pre-made' wedding websites and while some of them are actually not half bad; they lacked a personal touch. I am DIYing everything else....why not a website too?

So our goal is to have a website before we send out our Save the Dates...and that deadline seems fast approaching. I've come up with two options, one more fun, one a little more formal, and put them below for your vote. Mind you these are just sample pages - colors/images will probably change....I'm just looking for some format/layout advice.

Option 1: My "Wedding Binder" is a small black moleskin notebook which I carry everywhere with me. This was the inspiration for this site -

Option 2 : I need to find a better background photo for this one; it needs some more color I think; and a different frame around the picture....but what do you think?



Bridechka said...

The top one is so super cute but both are really nice :) If I absolutely had to pick one, I would choose the notebook version.

AmyJean said...

I think i like the binder.. and its reflective of you and your planning :)

Cyd said...

Option 1! I love the binder idea, it's really great! Original and fun.