picture perfect...

I can finally cross one item off my never ending list of things I have not done yet...

Fabulous Photographer ......CHECK

I've been very excited to talk about this for awhile, but I didn't want to jinx anything. Now that I have sent our deposit in and secured our date I am very excited to present our photographer Erica Lyn. We are extatic to have her photographing our event, she came with excellent referrals from previous clients and was ......wait for it..... affordable! (a.k.a. I will NOT have to sell my first born child to be able to have amazing wedding photos.)
We are getting:
6 Hours of Coverage by Herself and a Secondary Shooter,
Unlimited Photographs Taken and a DVD with all High-Res Post-Processed Photos,
Unlimited Photo Retouching,
an Online Photo Gallery
(100) 4x6 Prints in a Black Proof Box
(3) 5x7's and
(2) 8x10's

For the amazing price of under $2000! We may need more than 6 hours of coverage, but each additional hour is $125, which seems very reasonable. She is based out of New York, but she and her family really enjoy Maine and try to make a trip out of it each summer. They are going to travel up through Maine in August and take amazing pictures of the Glossy Wedding on the way. Since she is using our wedding as an excuse for a vacation with her family, she is also not charging us for travel fees!! We are pumped, well to be honest, Mr. Gloss doesn't really care - but he will be when he sees the great pics after!

I'm totally in love with the bright colors and romance in her photos!!

Everyone says its very important to meet and 'click' with your photographer (no pun intended)....we did not. We have exchanged countless emails and I can not imagine being anything but totally happy with her (and her photos!) but everyone says a physical meeting is really important.
Did you meet with all your vendors in person? Did you meet with any you thought you were going to love, and didn't?


Cyd said...

We also never me our photographer in person! I did, however, feel like we had a great connection through our email conversations, etc. so I wasn't too worried. When we met up for our engagement photos, which were included with our package, I was happily reassured we had made the right decision. I agree it may often be better to meet in person, but if you've done your groundwork I do believe it's possible to hire vendors without face to face contact.

AmyJean said...

Congrats! that's awesome. I'm about to send in my contract to a photog i've never met but love over the phone and via her blog! And the connection is there! What a great feeling!

Kiana said...

I JUST booked my photographer last night actually. He's Russian and we didn't necessarily "click" in personality or communication because of that, but we have the same vision...I think when it comes down to it that's what truly matters. You know you'll get a good final product if you share the same style and vision.