There are SO many great creative and unique options out there for Save the Dates now! I fell in love with many before we finally decided on ours -

Saw these on Brooklyn Bride and totally fell in love with them:

from here : (they placed all the relevant info on the back)

My issue with these is that Mr. Gloss refuses to have e-pics taken. (But I think I could convince him if I really wanted too.) I'm such a sucker for a Polaroid picture!

We could have done something like this with super cute baby pics and MOO!
from here : bonus, no e-pics would need to be taken

And then there is always the idea that everything should be perfectly coordinated:

(But I had no idea what our final invitation suite would end up looking like at this point in the planning process and even if I had it probably would have changed by now!) and the STD is allowed to be way more fun than the actual invite, right?

What do you guys think? Did your save-the-date coordinate with your invitation suite?


AmyJean said...

What if you did a very casual E-shoot? I persuaded my fiance by telling him it was important to me and that we'd do ours - the place he's most comfy - on a football field and a baseball diamond and i think it will be very reflective of our passions (especially his) and fun! :)

Cyd said...

I LOVE the boarding ticket idea and love the idea of the laser-cut anchor motif. I think you should run with your original idea and work in that photo save the date idea as a thank you card...then you don't have to worry about an engagement shoot if it's not something you'll easily be able to convince your fiancé to do - just get the picture taken during your wedding photos!

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

The STD I decided on was not conceptual or themed along with my invitations... I just did something cute and simple. I love the ticket idea though! I sometimes wish I had thought about concept a little more but I didn't really have the time unfortunately...

Miss Shugarman said...

boarding ticket is TERRIFIC!!!!

and- you COULD tie in some elements with your invites/programs/etc to make it all matchy-matchy with out being TOO over the top.

I agree with Cyd- work in those photo cards for Thank Yous. That would be hella-cute.

Anonymous said...