1st Alteration Apt...

First dress fitting today -
Wish me luck. It's a little early for alterations, but since I need a more concealing solution for the top of the dress I thought it would be wise to bring her in early. I'll let you guys know how it goes - I'm thinking I'm going to eliminate the halterness of it, (which only seems to squeeze the ladies together and create further emphasize their presence), and take the straps straight down to the back, more like this:



Except instead of a solid panel on the back I would use the tulle that is found throughout the rest of the dress.....somewhat similar to this:
What do you guys think? remember THIS is what we are working with -

First two pics from here
Last pic from here


AmyJean said...

I think its doable and will look amazing if done right. Your original style is totally gorgeous, but if you want to cover up. i think your headed in the right direction!

Cyd said...

I love this idea! I like the tulle straps in the back, but I think with your style of dress a narrower/daintier than the one in the photo would look even better. Halters do funny things to me, too, so I think fixing things to your liking is a really fantastic idea. I've loved your dress since you first shared it with us!