my new crack...

i got a new blackberry.
i debated between the iphone and a new blackberry for a while.
i couldn't do the touch screen; no matter how much i wanted some of those cool apps.
i got the blackberry BOLD. it's redic.
let me explain : HD screen; 3G network; powerpoint/word/excel for all those budgeting, timeline quandries on the T; soduku; it's synched with my google reader for important wedding blog updates at any moment and my google calendar; also the camera is fabulous.
love it.

if you can upgrade and have AT&T get on it - its a little bit big - but oh so delightful.


jessica lynn said...

ummmmmmmm please tell me how you synched it to your google reader. i have the crackberry pearl and so want to upgrade, but I am afraid of how much it will cost! :) i can go to google reader on my phone and read blog entries there, but I am very much interested as to how yours is synching!

AmyJean said...

I have the curve. I've tried the iphone and the htc fuze. I really can't do just touch screen. I want it all... touch screen full keyboard on BBerry. rumor has it there may be one at the end of this year... i'm trying to hold out, but i've heard great things about the bold. i'm so tempted. lol!