the wedding shoes...

My wedding shoes are a big deal for me. I have a weakness for shoes in general and love all shapes and sizes. I decided early on that I wasn't going to go with a traditional white shoe and I have found a few contenders for THE all-important wedding shoe. (All flat of course since Mr. Gloss is shorter than me).

Opt. #1: the RAS Satin Opera Skimmer in Mustard......for an amazing sale price of $71.39 (marked down from $215). I HAVE to buy them right?
Option #2: DIY Louboutin.....
I have always lusted after the perfectly impratical and non-budget friendly feathered Louboutin.

But they are just feathers right? Bright, fun, colorful feathers can be bought quite inexpensively right? and maybe if you get them wet and wrap them around a ping-pong ball with an elastic and some fabric stiffener they might just dry all perfectly curved to match the picture?
What do you think? Do I dare DIY Louboutins? I think I do - I would use these as the base shoe? they are not nearly as cute as option #1, but they are only $17 and SUPER flat (a key criteria for Mr. Gloss since I'm already taller than him).
....and I purchased Opt. #1 and told EVERYONE and was BEYOND excited I had just bought my wedding shoes. They arrived, I squealed and ripped open the package - hm, they were a little more 'gold' than they seemed on the screen.

O'well! - they were still perfect and no one would ever notice the subtle variation of color. I immediately put them on and pranced around the apartment....and they hurt, after only 4 minutes I had bright red lines on my feet. Clearly these were not going to work out. So I reluctantly sent them back....stay tuned for what happened next!! (More wedding magic!)

Have you bought shoes that seemed to be SO perfect, only to be sorely disappointed?


Cyd said...

Your post popped up on my Google Reader and I jumped right over to offer my thoughts! ;-) Yes, you are right, you DO need them. They are gorgeous, the perfect color, a great flat (and great flats are hard to come by!) and the price is really fantastic. We can strive to save all the pennies in the world, but when it comes to a pair of shoes you've been loving for a while and they are suddenly much more affordable, the dilemma can answer itself. $70 for shoes you love is better money spent than $20 on shoes you'll wear once and/or hate the whole time you have them on your feet.

tkc 16 said...

Go for the great sale shoe ($70). You can easily wear them again. They will go great with some dark skinny jeans, some summer shorts, everything. The other ones are nice, but the first ones are special!

AmyJean said...

I love the first ones... and they are SO CUTE! and you could always wear them again or resell on ebay... I'm not good at this, i'd say get em! lol :)


AmyJean said...

I searched to find them...108 at neimans. i'm sad :(