More Bridal Bling...

With a little prompting from the State of Massachusetts we picked up our wedding rings last week. How did they prompt us you wonder? They decided it would be a good idea to raise taxes by 25% on August 1st. We had already met with our jeweler and he worked his magic making us beautiful rings, but we decided to leave them there as long as possible since:
1. I knew I would wear it around the house, and
2. We figured it would be safer than to have them hanging out in our apartment.

I tried on just about every ring he had.....at least twice :), ya know – just to make sure. He would be creating my ring using the platinum bar my grandmother had given me and when he was writing down the specs he noted there were 13 diamonds…..

Me: ‘Um, excuse me – did you say there were 13 diamonds?’
Jeweler: ‘Yes’
Me: ‘Oh, hmm. Do you think that’s bad luck?’
Jeweler and Mr. Gloss stare at me with puzzled faces.
Jeweler: ‘We could do 12?, or make them go all the way around?’
Me: ‘No, I don’t want them to go all the way around- I need to know which side is the top.’
Jeweler and Mr. Gloss stare at me with puzzled faces…..again.
Mr. Gloss: ‘If they went all the way around you wouldn’t have to worry about ‘the top’.’
Me: ‘Yes but I NEED there to be a top and a bottom, so I know it’s on correctly’.
Lightblub turns on over my head – ‘LETS ADD TWO!, THAT’LL BE 15! ITS OUR WEDDING DATE, ITS PERFECT!’.
There may have been an eye-roll here coming from Mr. Gloss, but I didn’t care – I was too excited :)
Mr. Gloss was also super picky about his ring, he wanted something simple, but not too simple and absolutely NO BLING. I swear he was more difficult to please than I was – We left without him deciding on a ring and after numerous email conversations between himself and the jeweler we ended up with a fairly thick band in a brushed finish with polished, tapered edges in Paladium.

Who’s wedding band was more difficult to find for you?


Newport Nuptials said...

I should have looked at rings before August 1st...oh well, we may go to NH since I'm going up there for my dress anwyays.

Good thing you got it before August 1st though!

Nicole said...

mine was the hardest! then it didn't come with a matching band... I finally found a band that fit/matched..etc...such a headache! My husband went with palladium too!