T-10 and Counting: The Final Exam

I feel like I’m back in school again – I paid attention all semester and completed assignments on time, yet I still find myself cramming for the final….I mean the wedding. I’m not dreading it, I’m excited – I know I’m prepared; but I can’t stop studying, and by studying, I mean planning/preparing/DIYing, because I know I can ACE this bad boy. Mr. Gloss on the other hand is totally fine taking a ‘C’ I think – he’s been slacking on the wedding duties (not that he was ever that involved :)). He just wants to be married, and we are both at the point of ‘I can’t wait for this to be over’. If he only knew what he was getting himself into, I’m not so sure he would’ve put that ring on my finger ;)

After the rehearsal Friday afternoon, my planning period will be officially over – I’m going to enjoy the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day I’ve put so much time and effort into. I want to laugh with my family and friends despite the fact that it will, most likely rain and we are getting married outside….on a boat. In the end, only I will notice if things don’t get done and we bought enough alcohol to erase any bad memories (IE a soaking wet ceremony and/or reception site).

These last two weeks have been intense - everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited? or nervous? And yes – I am. I’m excited…and nervous…and exhausted…and stressed…and anxious…and overwhelmed…and a little more excited. I’m a whole ball of emotions these days trying to confirm vendors, finish projects (there are still a few yet to be started) and make sure everyone else (ie our bridal party) knows what is going on and what to wear, etc. I can’t wait to GRADUATE, and in lieu of a diploma, I get a husband – how great is that?

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