A Whole New Threshold...

I get it. I finally understand how wedding budgets spiral out of control. It's the spending threshold. After you spend $180 on a pair of jeans (even if it was a special treat just once kind-of-deal in your mind) $90 jeans just seem like a bargain. You've broken into another spending category and there is no turning back.

I mean whats another $400 when you've already spent $10k? I have added a ton of 'extras' because at the time they seemed like such a small amount of money for the added benefit.

Today's Converstaion:
Oh yes, let's upgrade those buffet plates to china since its more white. An off-white would ruin my table scheme. (Where is that little wedding angel that is supposed to be sitting on my shoulder saying 'NO ONE WILL NOTICE'?) It's such a tiny fraction of the overall costs there is no way all those extras could add up to be a lot in the end right? :)

Oh yeah, and after I upgraded I remembered our plates wont even be set on the tables since we are having a buffet. $h*%! Maybe I'll call back tomorrow, and change our rental order yet again, I'm pretty sure they already think I'm crazy.

I don't have a solution, it's too late for me anyways, but I know the problem - and thats half the battle right?

Have you kept your wedding costs in check?


Anonymous said...

for me, our wedding budget turned into more of a starting point. the intentions were grand, then the madness took over. but now i'm to the point of whatever. yeah, it stinks i'm not more frugal. but i'm getting what i want, for the one day in my life that its forgivable. at least mostly. :)

Nicole Orzechowski said...
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Nicole Orzechowski said...

We have a budget document and we stick to it. We shop around, we price match, we networked with everyone we knew in order to get what we wanted at the price we wanted.

Our wedding budget is $7,000 and we're currently at $5,425 with 8 days left to go before the big day. We anticipate $1,000 for beer and wine, so it all matches up. We even found a 10 passenger limo for $100 as an extra special treat.

It would have been nice to have $12 to $15k to spend, but we don't have that kind of money, and everything that I wanted, I got, but the difference is, I got it at the price I wanted, not what they wanted.

Gaynor said...

Hey, I totally agree that its so so easy for it just to spiral spiral spiral!

Although we are very lucky with our budget, and we havent had to specifically cut down on anything, I was still kind of gulp when we figured out how much the stuff we wanted / had already booked would cost when we added it up!

We still have ages to the wedding but im already going oh we should definitely have a sorbet course etc, its only another £2.50 per person! But with 100 people that soon adds up!