Final Fling Before the Ring: Bachelorette Party Packs

I knew my girls had been planning something fabulous for my bachelorette party (even though I had NO IDEA we were actually doing), so I wanted to get them a little something to kick the weekend off right and thank them for doing all that planning for little 'ol me :).

Enter the Bachelorette Party Pack:

I should’ve taken a picture of the contents before we devoured them, but I didn’t….so, sorry!

The ‘packs’ contained :
(1) Glow in the dark bracelet.
(2) Ring Pops.
(1) Candy Necklace.
(1) Package of Breath Mints.
(1) tube of Lip Smackers (assorted delicious flavors like Blue Raspberry and Nerds….mmmm)

These were all wrapped up in the purple plastic polka-dotted chinese take-out box (purchased from Michaels).

I wanted to fit the water in there as well, but it top didn’t allow for the box to close. So, next to it I had a half-pint water bottle with some Advil sewn between pieces of vellum labeled ‘Take 2, and call me in the AM’.

Will you pull together any gifts for the ladies hosting your parties?


the future mrs. smith said...

don't tell, but i made my girls pimp cups. which are really just wine glasses that i painted stripes on and added each girls initial in rhinestones. but we're going to a winery for my bachelorette party so i thought it was only fitting that we be themed and fabulous. :)

Bridechka said...

This is such a cute idea! I think I will do this now too :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute!

Nicole said...

very cute! love the idea :) sooo creative!

Sara D. Carver said...

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