Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Martinis, Munchies, Mingling & Martha

After our family photos we rejoined our guests downstairs at the 'official' cocktail hour.
We got a chance to mingle with all our guests.... (notice at this point my dress was bustled and veil was off - I felt so bad it kept whipping all our guests in their faces because of the wind - but it did make for some great photos :) )
....and ate some delicous food.
Those happen to be bacon wrapped water chestnuts and they are SO good. 

My mom made the appetizers….and grew flowers for our centerpieces, and made our cakes, and boiled and bottled syrup for our OOT bags, made over 100 jars of jam with strawberries she picked herself, and grew fresh vegetables for our caterer to use in the dinner. AKA Martha Stewart on Crack.

This is normal to me, this is how I grew up – why pay someone for something you can do yourself? Our extended family was not as aware of her abilities to multi-task and as she ran around our house for a few days before the wedding she was lovingly dubbed “Martha Stewart on Crack”.

Our guests were enjoying themselves and Mr. Gloss and I snuck off for some alone time -

Our photographers happened to catch us, but since they were shooting from the opposite side of the boat we didn't even know they were there!

Mr. Gloss was wearing a ring - it was weird, but I liked it :)

At this point we were almost back to the dock, but we were temporarily distracted:

Let me set the scene a little for you:

1. It's HOT, really hot and they are all wearing dark jackets with pants. I'd say some were a little 'dehydrated' from the rehersal the night before too. ;)

2. There was a slight mix-up in the ‘Blueberry Lemonade Martini’ Recipe….i.e. the lemonade was missing. So the bartender improvised and added just a few fresh squeezed lemons to a vat of Stoli Blueberry, which she doled out in 12 oz. glasses to our unaware guests. Lets just say the party got kicked off ….Hard….while Martha, I mean my mom, frantically searched for the lemonade. The Lemonade was found, but not before a significant amount of damage was done to the intoxication levels of our guests.

Which led to this : Groomsmen G & J had found the boat's supply of life jackets. 

OOOH lets put them on!  They have whistles! and shiny reflective surfaces!

Oh yes, tonight is going to be a good night :)

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography and &Unlimited


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