Nearly Nautical Nuptials : Pop That Cork!

Our families and bridal party gathered at the bow of the boat immediately after the ceremony to do a champagne toast and start the family portraits.  There was lots of hugging going on at this point.  I gave a few to the other important men in my life -

My grandfather -

And my daddy-

If you remember, I was very concerned about why my glass had no champagne-
Our DOC's (Pink Orchid Weddings) were on top of things, (I was just too excited) - they were passing out glasses and handed me a bottle of champange.  I tried to hand it off to Mr. Gloss to open, but he didn't know how to open a bottle of champagne (don't worry, we've practiced a lot since).  So, anyways - I took matters into my own hands.

Here Mr. Gloss - hold my flowers -

Mr. Gloss was not-so-silently praying I didn't poke anyone's eyes out.

But I'm a total pro -
Magically everyone else had full glasses of champagne at this point (and by magically I mean our fab. DOC's). 

Some of my facial expressions in these photos are pretty priceless, enter 'Surprised Chapagne Toast' :

And "I Find that Hilarious Champagne Toast"

The rest of our guests were huddled around the bar downstairs *I'll let you in on a secret about this later* while we were on the front deck gathered for family photos.  I know these aren't always the most exciting photos so I'll do a quick snapshot.

Mr. Gloss and I started the action -

My Parents, Brother, Grandparents and Aunt

Mr. Gloss' Father, Step-Mother and Granparents

Mr. Gloss' Mother, Step-Father and Step Sister

Mr. Gloss' Brothers, Sisters and their spouses & kids (he has a big family, and thats not even all of them!)

Me & my mom

Up Next : The 'Official' Cocktail Hour

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography and &Unlimited


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