I recently found the most fabulous wedding font ever and really got WAY too excited about it. I mean really, it's just a font right? Yes, but this is THE font and it's filled with swirly perfectness.

Name : Burgues Script
Location : Veer.com
Cost : $99 (so worth it though)
Check it Out : here

"Burgues Script is an ode to the late 19th century American calligrapher Louis Madarasz, whose legendary pen has inspired schools of penmanship for over 100 years. His talent has caused some people to call him 'the most skillful penman the world has ever known."

I love anything that comes with accessories and this font has tons! There are 4+ letters for every alphabet letter and tons of little flourishes to add some extra sparkle.

I also eyed this one:

Name : Sudestada
Location : Veer.com
Cost : $59
Check it out : here

This one comes with 'extras' too, it's more of a handwritten look -

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