let the fun begin...

Today I began my wedding shoppping!!! I did alot of research before I purchased these items so I thought I would share my findings -

1. The Gocoo. Yes, I bought it. I got the PG5 from Paper-Source; it's about the same cost after shipping if you purchase it from Japan but I decided to go with Paper Source since I thought it would be easier to deal with if something went wrong with the shipping, etc. The total cost was $155.40 after tax (free shipping on orders over $100).

2. I purchased the supplies at Northwood Studios they were the lowest prices for supplies I found and are based out of Florida. Total Cost: $136.05 but I got LOTS!

(3) B6 Masters - $37.50
(3) 10 Pack Lamps - $38.85
(1) 2 Pack Card Rack - $8.25
(8) Inks @ $3.25ea. - $26.00
(2) Ink Blocking - $5.50
(1) Cleaner - $5.95
and $14.00 shipping

SAVE THE DATES HERE I COME! once we find a venue....and set a date....

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