what to wear, what to wear...

It's true; I am addicted to shoes.
All flat of course. I spent many a hour stalking shoes online before I found the *perfect ones*.

Maybe some more formal ones for the ceremony?

silver ones
satin d'orsay flats!

and OH! JCrew! Most of their shoes were out of my budget (unless they happened to be on final sale) but they are SO amazing.

two-tone ballet flats
hmm. I'm thinking a jewel themed wedding in the garden.

peep-toe flats
modern wedding. black/white/turquoise with cocktails.

peep-toe mary janes
short dress. vintage vibe with a foot lifting kiss.

how is a girl to chose?

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Kate said...

First off - congrats on your recent engagement! Secondly, how could I resist adding you to my blogroll when you tempt me with pretty, pretty shoes!? You speak my language.

I'm looking forward to reading your blog!