I'm considering a tent-wedding. I'm a little nervous because everyone says that they can easily turn out to be more expensive than an 'all-inclusive' resort type wedding and we are absolutely on a budget. In my mind I'm selling myself by saying that I can do most everything as DIY - but I have no idea how much things such as tables and dance floors cost. Does anyone?
I just really can't picture my wedding 1) not by the water, 2) in some burgundy and gold mash of a ballroom. (No offense to those of you who do - just doesn't fit my color scheme).
My concerns, which have already presented themselves, are that I really don't care how much it costs - I want what I want and I'm only doing it once.....and I know with that attitude I will end up living in some sort of cardboard box once I can't pay my rent anymore.... see example. But seriously - what would I do with my shoes??

After living in dorm rooms and apartments where I have not been able to personalize the space I am absolutely ecstatic about the possibility of creating a space totally my own. (Not to mention I am an architect and making 'space' is what I do - )

For those of you who are physics majors I know I'm not ACTUALLY making space, calm down, I'm speaking metaphorically.

cheap rent

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