flower misfits

When I asked my bridemaids to be well, bridesmaids, I said the only thing I truly cared about was 1. that they show up, 2. they would be kind enough to remove any errant baby's breath or carnations from ANYWHERE that I could possibly see.
Well, hours of perusing wedding blogs has altered my opinions. Tthere are many carnation bouquets tightly wrapped together that look so stunning, like this one. (I'm still not really sold on carnations as singular entities, but in bulk they do wonders.)
And this wedding totally changed my mind about baby's breath. Although I don't think it's right for my wedding, it is incredibly soft, romantic, whimsical and a great resource for budget brides like myself.

I wont suggest going quite this far though, bad martha, bad.


Silvia said...

Hi, love this post!

Btw, you've been tagged!

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Krista said...

Wow, I agree. I don't like baby's breath or carnations on their own. But those grouped bouquets are something else!