yellow bellied or green eyed?

I debated for a long time about, you guessed it....C O L O R S .
Let me set the tone - a boat, navy blazers, bright white tablecloths/navy runners/white vases, and (insert mystery color here) flowers.

I went back and forth for about 8 months on the following question:
kate spade yellow OR kate spade green?

i truly could not decide,
there are benefits to each color -

a) YELLOW - more traditional 'nautical', numerous flower choices, pops great with navy. potential downsides - inappropriate text color (hard to read), probably pretty hard to look good in a yellow bridesmaid dress

b) GREEN - more preppy nautical color, fewer flower choices, more tonal diversity within the color range, love the green shoe pop of color, easier b-maid dress choices, acceptable text color

Remember that I purchases these bad boys for the centerpieces (4 per table) and they will each have a stem or two - a.k.a. budget chic.
These are some of the flower varieties I am considering:
all flower images from cutflower.com

I love how the yellow centers of the white flowers help to tie in with the more vibrant solid yellows. Which would you guys choose?


Christy said...

Is there a reason to not do navy BM dresses with yellow flowers? That's a scheme that I LOVE! Plus, I just like the look of Navy and Yellow better.

LyndsAU said...

I love green!!! Green spider mums are amazing!!! Also yellow would look great. But I am a huge green fan! :)

Rachel said...

I am liking the yellow. It's bright and fun, and it's just pretty!

But what about a little touch of that green with the yellow?? You could use it as an accent color.

Cyd said...

I love the green. It has such a JCrew/Ralph Lauren preppy chic thing going on. I actually made myself an inspiration board based on navy, white and kelly green...I love how it speaks of nautical without taking itself too literally.

If you click around my blog you'll find the inspiration board somewhere and/or hit me with a comment with your email address and I'll send it to you if it might help make a decision!

Sarah said...

oh, YELLOW! When I first started planning our wedding, my color scheme was yellow, navy and white. I have a soft spot for the combination. It's so fresh and cheerful! And nautical without being too cliche. I'm sure whatever you go with will be fabulous!

Loving your blog!

Cyd said...

I just wanted to make sure you'd seen this Real Wedding feature on EAD a while back...perfect for you!

Cyd said...
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