i heart free stuff.

a few weeks ago i was the lucky winner of 18 of these FANTASTIC wine glasses via Sparkliatti and i got them today! yay!!!
i am a wine lover - fueled further by living a year in Italy and traveling to napa valley for winter vaca last year. some of my favorites pictures from those places are above (taken by me).
these glasses are incredible, they are Eisch Breathable crystal and basicly the glassware uses oxygenation treatment (somehow they re-engineered the structure of the glass molecule) and wines poured into the glass will show signs of aeration equivalent to those that were decanted and aerated for 2-4 hours. pretty cool right? you can also register for them at bed bath and beyond. which i think we might to complete our collection!

we won 6 of the grappa, (similar to a flute shape).

6 of the chardonnay

and 6 of the burgundy (and these bad boys are HUGE, particularly awesome when you've had a bad day).

the collection we recieved is worth over $475!! sooo exciting!

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aletha :: pearls events said...

WOW! Congrats on your win!!! That's awesome