navy on navy?

So, if the guys are wearing navy blazers....can the girls wear navy dresses?
There are so many different shades of navy would they clash?

If not, JCrew (absolutely favoritist store ever) is having a sale!

option 1 - Jenelle @ $69

option 2 - Rebecca @ $89

option 3 - Claudine @ $99
Which would you choose? Is navy with navy out? Remember they are not wearing full navy suits, just jackets, which prob. wont stay on that long.....


Rachel said...

I love those dresses! Have you considered letting each girl choose a different style??

And I don't think it would be weird to have navy dresses and navy blazers - if they're not a direct match, it'll be okay. Like you said, the blazers won't last long anyways.

Krista said...

I love the dresses (the middle's my favourite). Pair the dresses with bright bouquets, pair the suits with bright boutonnieres, and I think it'll work.

Abbie said...

They'll only be near each other for a bit, so I doubt anyone would ever notice if the navys were different. My maids are wearing JCrew dresses as well... gotta love those sale prices!!

Cyd said...

I had this same navy on navy internal debate and ultimately decided no navy for the girls...but that's just my weird OCD/archie self wondering how badly it would bug me were the navy shades different from one another. The point of the blazers coming off early on is a very valid one...as I am planning on navy suits, I was not sure I'd get over it...but that's just my weirdness coming out.

I am also a HUGE fan of the JCrew dresses - so perfectly reusable...the Rebecca is my hands down favorite. I think Rachel is right...the girls would look amazing in navy JCrew dresses of their choice. So chic and pulled together without having that bridal party army syndrome.

Chus said...

Nurse in Times Square war photo reunites with Navy :D