it's FRIDAY!!

I've been tagged by Silvia at WeShallWed so here it is...

4 Things I Did Today

1. ate cheese puffs with a glass of chardonnay
2. organized my markers
3. stalked wedding blogs
4. pretended pilates will help me loose weight

4 Things On My To Do List
2. go apple picking.
3. book a photographer
4. anything cardio related.

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures
1. Gossip Girl
2. Felipe's Burritos
3. stalking wedding blogs...see #3
4. raw cookie dough/brownie batter

4 Random Facts About Me:
1. I grew up in a town with a population of 74 people.
2. i really like the smell of the freezer/cold.
3. my rubber boots are green with hot pink insides.
4. i prefer fountain soda. 1/2 diet coke, 1/2 regular coke
and i order it that way at restaruants.

and I tag....
Relentless Bride
The Sweetest Occasion

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Cyd said...

Just so you know, I am totally going to jump on this whole "tag" business one of these days when the brain power is low. No worries, it'll probably be any minute now! ;-)