have you been threaded?

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Threading is an ancient middle eastern method of hair removal where technician uses cotton thread (like something you would sew with) which is twisted and rolled over the hair. (I've only witnessed eyebrows and mustaches done, but I would imagine it would work most anywhere). As the thread rolls, it plucks the hair. Threading can remove an entire row of hair at one time (as opposed to tweezing which pulls one hair at a time), resulting in a really straight line.

Everytime I try something new I always ask 'does it hurt'? I would say it's less painful than waxing; but its a very different kind of feeling. It kind of feels like being snapped with an elastic over and over again - but really its not bad (and I have a super low tolerance for pain). I usually go every three or four weeks and pluck any stray hairs that pop-up in between; although they say it can last up to about six weeks. Cost ~ $10

BENEFITS: it's quick, chemical-free, good for sensitive skin, and very sanitary

If you have a place around you that does this and you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend it for perfect bridal brows.

Do you have any atypical beauty solutions?


Krista said...

I pluck ... but maybe I should think about waxing or threading!

Cyd said...

This is so peculiar...I just don't get how it works! hahaha I need to try this out.

Marie said...

My sister did it and her brow went bright red but it did look good. I'm a plucking addict, find it quite stress relieving!

Amber said...

I have heard of it, but never had it done or seen it done. I just have mine waxed and I pluck in between waxes.