a trip to the city...

Hey Hive! I'm looking for some suggestions -

One of my friends is luring me to the city (NY) this weekend with promises of underground martini bars and I am hoping to pick up some wedding related items and supplies while I'm down there. I've been told to check out Jamali Garden for my 'floral desires'. I'll definitely be picking up one (maybe a few) of these:
A thorn-stripper, (useful for removing leaves as well), since we will probably be DIYing our flowers.
And potentially some urns for flowers.
I also definitely want to check out M&J Trimming as I hoping to find some great stuff to make my garter and maybe a fascinator? I'm also looking for great fabric for a veil - so maybe the famous Mood? I can't decide whether I'm going traditional veil or birdcage yet so I'm thinking I'll make both and either a) let you guys decide or b) see which one turns out better!

Do you have any suggestions to where to go? Anywhere else I should check out while I'm down there?


Amber said...

those strippers are a MUST if you are gonna DIY your flowers. Get a couple so that multiple people can work at once.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

those strippers are great!