would you change it if you could?

As I was driving to work today I passed a billboard announcing the weekly mega-millions lotto amount. We buy tickets sometimes when the prize gets up there (20 million +only, because really what would we do with like a measly 8 million?! ha). Since I had another hour and a half to go before I reached my destination the wheels really started turning - say, we won the lottery tomorrow, how would our wedding be different?
Well, after I thought about it for awhile - I really wouldn't change anything! Although, I wouldn't worry about the ridiculous cost of linens as much, and would probably upgrade to the coveted Chivari chair, but really I love everything we have done so far!
I wouldn't change our venue to some amazing and luxurious ballroom with a plated six-course meal from some famous chef and buy a dress from the upscale Vera Luxe collection.

I might change our invitations to letterpress - just because it is soo delicous, but really - raised or indented our guests won't care.
I would hire a Day-Of-Coordinator just to ensure everything flows smoothly, and someone to apply make-up to my face since I rarely do......... and fly in Still Motion for the most amazing videography ever. But really, these things will not make-or-break my day, just make it a little more amazing.
Well, to be honest, if Still Motion was there I might just have heart palpitations, but other than that, I could be a millionairess and I would still want to get married on our boat, with my family and closest friends standing beside us and details that I lovely crafted myself - and that is very comforting to know.

Would your wedding be vastly different if you won the lottery?


Kristin said...

i would probably up my guest list some and have a dance and give more money to the orphanage in india where i lived for a year (in leau of favors) if I won the lottery today! :)

Cyd said...

I largely agree with you, most things I would keep the same! I think I might splurge for the chiavari chairs though, that I agree on too...and maybe I'd hire a florist and do some really incredible centerpieces and bouquets instead of doing everything myself. And I think I'd treat my bridesmaids, favorite aunts and my mother to an incredible full service spa day that week. And maybe we'd fly to Europe for the honeymoon instead of driving to Maine, but the heart and soul of what we're doing would remain 10000% the same. So fun to think about!

Marie said...

I thought about this, mostly I thought about the honeymoon and giving more booze to my guests. But largely I wouldn't have done anything different. Just bigger and more drunk!

flamingofluffy said...

i would have a little bit bigger guest list, have a professional photo booth, and alcohol ;)