perfect puddle jumpers...

As much as I may try I'm probably not going to be able to control the weather on our wedding day, *sigh*. I learned that as long as you have friends and family surrounding you on the inside, it doesn't matter that the outside of your tent is being pelted by a hail storm (in July!) thanks to Mrs. Tiramisu -

In any event, I plan on being TOTALLY prepared with a cute umbrella and even cuter shoes. I just purchased these puddle jumpers to perfectly coordinate with our wedding colors.
$24.99 from here

I haven't made the big umbrella purchase yet but I'm thinking about a pretty 'bridey' one for me:

And a cute man-brella for Mr. Gloss:
umbrellas from here

Honestly, I'm so excited about these boots I might be a little disappointed if it DOESN'T rain.
Have you purchased anything weather related for your big day?

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Cyd said...

I need those wellies and that adorable blue striped umbrella. Love them!

{ps} I think your invitation design neeeeeeeds to be letterpressed. The two-sided design would be so amazing in letterpress and it would be so perfect in 1-color. Just saying. ;-)