midnight and mimosa...

I searched for the prefect wedding inspiration photo for a very long time - something with our color scheme and all the qualities I was looking for in our wedding day.
I needed:
a. Something classic (so our wedding pictures wouldn't feel dated in 5 or 10 years).
b. Something modern (so our wedding isn't exactly like every other wedding from the past).
c. Elegant, but not formal or stuffy.
d. Strong sense of design/style without being trendy.
e. Our color scheme du jour - navy, yellow, white and a cool gray.

And then I found this:
Crisp, modern, classic lines, navy, yellow, hint of cool silvery/gray.
And I was sold. That helped me to really pair down all the images on my hard drive into one cohesive inspiration board.

Presenting, Midnight and Mimosa:
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Most of the images are from Snippet and Ink, they all have been saved on my hard drive for too long to know where I got them. If they are yours let me know!

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Kelly Merrill said...

oooh, we're doing navy and yellow. I love the gray though.