today lists ARE NOT my friend

It's been pretty quiet around here and I apologize, but it just seems I have back lacking inspiration lately. When I started this blog I thought I would have tons of DIY posts (knowing the amount of stuff I had planned to make for the big day), and so far that has not really happened. In my mind I don't have that much left to do for the big day, most of my major vendors are either signed, or just about signed (minus flowers).
I had a free moment at work today and decided to make a list of all the items I plan on creating prior to August 15th. It started off sensible, and quickly turned into OMG.

1. Bathroom baskets - (2 for the boat/2 for reception) *need Dramamine and SPF in addition to typical bathroom items.
2. Monogrammed hand towels for the bathrooms. *Buy towels.

3. Programs.
4. Signage. *Cute rustic-y wedding signs pointing to the boat.
5. Wishing rocks. *Artfully write our names and wedding date...on rocks.
6. Make something really pretty to hold our vows.
7. Stitch handkercheifs to wipe away any happy tears for me and my favorite ladies.

8. Mason jars with cute tags to hold the girl's bouquets.
9. Buy containers for beverages. 5 large glass containers for specialty drinks, large galvanized tubs for beer/soda/wine/water.
10. Monogrammed table runner for beverage table.
11. 120 Navy linen napkins. *Tied with rope.
12. 15 Navy linen table runners. *yellow stitching.
13. Table numbers.
14. Signage. *Food ID, S'more station, beverage ID.
15. Entry table word search. *Chalkboard
16. Favors - Homemade Jam. *Made by mom, make cute tags and labels, package with string and cloth, buy jars.
17. 100 Chinese Lanterns. *300 LED battery powered LED lights with ON/OFF switches. String to hang lanterns, string to hang lights.
18. Make string candle holders to hold tealights on cocktail tables. *Buy string, and tealights.
19. Grow flowers for centerpeices. *Mom
20. Make large light installation to frame dance floor.
21. Find the perfect birch trees to light inside the tent.
22. Find something to hold cards.

23. Monogram stickers for to-go coffee/tea cups.
24. Purchase selection of unique teas and something to display them with.
25. Water bottle labels.
26. S'mores Bar. *Purchase marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate. (Already have lg. glass apothecary jars). Buy sterno, roasters, and bamboo skewers. Make cute labels.
27. Buy and monogram drink stirrers and appetizer sticks.

Paper Items:
28. Invitations. *With lined envelopes. Hand addressed?
29. Flickr Cards.
30. 'Just Married' sign for the back of the car.
31. Napkins with 'Fun Facts'. *Come up with fun facts.
32. Placecards.

OOT Bags:
33. Syrup. *Being boiled by a friend, buy containers and cute packaging.
34. Postcards.
35. Information package of things to do/eat/go.
36. Snacks/water/candy.
37. Invitation to Sunday brunch. *Are we having one?

38. Cute hanger cover for fabulous dress shots. *Find great base hanger.
39. Sparklers and matchbooks.
40. Make jewelery for bridesmaids.
41. Make homemade sugar-scrub for bridesmaids.
42. Kids Bags. *Watercolor paint with personalized bookmark. Crayons and coloring books.
43. Paint cans white, tie together with bright yellow and navy ribbon to tie to the back of the car.
44. Make some type of veil/headpeice.
45. Aisle runner?
46. 'Just Married' flag to raise on the boat's flagpole?
47. Make a cute bow for #2 shoes.
48. Find/make a cake topper.
49. Find/make my own jewelery.
50. Bride/Groom signs for dressing rooms.

So, if you made it to the end of the list - you'll know what to expect in the next 6 months. and it seems I better get crack'n. No wonder I had dreams about not getting everything done....I had no idea I was so behind.

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Krista said...

Wow. THat's a big list. I only skimmed through after a while. Smore station! Hello, yumminess! :)