room #2

Room #2.
Thats where I'll spend the last night I'm a Miss and the first night I'm a MRS!
We decided on the Blair Hill Inn for a few reasons. Number one, its one of the best luxury inns in the state and the owners are said to be as charming as the estate they so lovingly care for. Number two, it's super close to our ceremony/reception site. Number three, we are doing most of our formal pictures prior to the ceremony (since I don't want all our pics to be on the boat), and they have allowed us to take some pictures on their grounds (which are GORGEOUS!). We looked into having the actual wedding here but at $200+pp & rental of all the rooms for the whole weekend, it was WAY out of our budget.

Check out the main house: (all images from here)

The Blair Hill Inn was once a 2,000 acre gentleman's farm belonging to Lyman Blair, a young socialite, from a wealthy Chicago family, who visited Moosehead Lake with his friends in the 1800's. He purchased the entire hillside and built his mansion on 20' high stone walls to capture almost 360 degree views of the lake below. The present day owners (coincidentally also from Chicago) purchased the property and restored it.

I can't wait to get a pic with my soon-to-be hubby in those adarondac chairs looking out over the lake where we will soon get married!! So classic Maine-

And check out these views!!
And this is our room!

I think Mr.Gloss picked it solely for the stone-tiled walk-in shower with built-in bench.I'm really excited, somehow having our room booked makes everything feel so much more real!!

When did you have the 'Wow, this is really happening moment'?


Newport Nuptials said...

It looks gorgeous, I'm still waiting for that moment, we are over a year out so it probably wont seem real for awhile!

Marie said...

It looks gorgeous. I think I had the moment when our Banns of marriage were first being read. Because it meant that we actually could get married and all the planning was going to be worth it. So very exciting!

AmyJean said...

Gorgeous Venue! :)

Amber said...

jealous of the walk in shower!

Kiana said...

Gorgeous room and bathroom - looks comfy and romantic all in one, perf