am i behind?

i've been engaged for 6 months. time has gone by SO fast - we still have 8 months to go and i can only imagine how fast that will fly by when there is still so much to do.
my list includes:
1. picking a caterer and ..... um, reception location....(don't worry we have a delightful backup - there just isn't a kitchen).
2. make/mail save the dates (i got the envelopes yesterday and the design is done), but nothing will be mailed bc the boy cannot seem to gather addresses for his portion of the wedding guest list.
3. design invites (i have some time for this).
4. buy things to make: monogramed napkins (and design monogram), monogramed guest towels for the bathroom, big lanterns and lights (for potential reception site a.ka. tent).
5. figure out where to rent stuff, and what to do about dishes if there is no kitchen to wash them in.
6. find fabulous wedding shoes
7. have dress altered....
8. bridesmaid dresses/groom/groomsman outfits.....this means defining our bridal party as well (i'm really not on top of that one)

i'm going to stop now bc i'm getting nervous....i can think of a million other things to add to this list....yikes!


Krista said...

We have 6 months left ... and also have so much to do. It is overwhelming, isn't it?

Kiana said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way - 5.5 months left...

(I think I could easily make that list longer though!)

AmyJean said...

One thing at a time... you'll totally get through it all, just have to breathe and try to do it one at a time... :)

An Atlanta Bride said...
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An Atlanta Bride said...

My advice: prioritize. And when the big things make you want to stick a fork in your eye {or in some cases, someone elses eye}, move on to a less tedious task that will put you at ease for a few days. Just my two cents :)

Anonymous said...