Post X-Mas Sales

I am a bargain shopper; I love a good deal - I learned from my mom....so when we get together, savings ensue.

After Christmas sales -

25 boxes of White Lights with WHITE wire (difficult to find intermixed with all the green wire) to be used for some various wedding lighting..... around $1.25 ea.

Clips to hang lights - $.75 for a box of 50 (x 4)

There is also a random store where you can find amazing deals, but cannot go there expecting to find something particular. I'm sure you all know what kind of store I mean. Anyways, I found the most perfect navy linen fabric bolt for $0.99/yd.! and since I took the whole thing I got an additional 10% off!! It's 61" wide - I'm thinking I can get 3 table runners per 3 yds. And then my mom and I are going to sew napkins - I think I may be crazy....but our rental company quoted $.60/napkin....and I got the entire bolt of fabric around $35, (apx. 40 yards)! Plus this way I can put a cute wedding monogram on them and really tie the event together!

Anyone else have fantastic post-Christmas bargains?


Christy said...

I'm glad we're not the only ones who did this! My fiance thought I was CRAZY for insisting on white wire - but I did, and am much happier for it! Our plan is that between now and next Christmas, we can measure everywhere we will be putting lights and buy whatever we might need to fill in any gaps!

Cyd said...

Ahhhh no sales for me yet, but I need to change that! I seriously need to take advantage of all of the sparkly white/ivory/gold/champagne goodness at discounted prices or I just know I'll be kicking myself soon enough.

Sooo jealous of the deal on the linen, by the way!