monogram inspiration...

I've been trying to come up with THE PERFECT monogram to help tie all our wedding-y paper goods together. I want something classic, that will still be useful after our wedding - so I'm not sure I want to tie in too many nautical details; because I have a feeling by the time our wedding rolls around I'm going to be SO over rope and compass roses. But I also want it to feel at home on all our wedding items.....

While searching for inspiration, I found these monograms from Monogram Design - and there are plenty more! I really love the simplicity of the W's in the lower right.

(Sorry for the terrible colors - there is something seriously wrong with my computer.)

So - here are some of the options we have developed so far:

I need to stop reading wedding blogs! There is so much great inspiration out there and I see it and want it all!! Which is going to be SO overwhelming and confusing for our wedding palette. Why can't I just make a decision and stick with it? Sometimes I want a really vintagey feel with swishy and beautiful calligraphy - others times, I can't envision anything but perfectly simple and modern. Have you had second thoughts about the tone of your event?

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AmyJean said...

those are rockin'! I really like them!