dear santa, round two...

Dear Santa, Round Two:

I know the Jimmy Buffet Margarita machine can sometimes be elusive to find - so, in order to ease your stress during your 'busy season' I've come up with a few more items to add to my list.

Item #1 : Fab Bod by 08.15.2009 - I'd prefer to just wake up with this body fairy godmother, snap your fingers style - but if that is not an option refer to item #2.

Item #2 : (only if item #1 is unavailable): Wii Fit and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009, if you could additionally throw in a huge dash of willpower, it would be much appreciated.

Item #3 : a Miele vacuum, (yes she is expensive, but totally worth it). I will clean more with a cute vacuum to follow me around.

P.S. - Sorry there are no cookies, they seem to disappear very fast around here, which only further emphasizes my great desire for Item #1 and the willpower portion of Item#2.

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Krista said...

Hmm ... Not a bad idea, especially item #1!