DIY Louboutins?

image from here

Am I always destined to lust after perfectly impratical and non-budget friendly shoes? I think so.
But they are just feathers right? Bright, fun, colorful feathers can be bought quite inexpensively right? and maybe if you get them wet and wrap them around a ping-pong ball with an elastic they might just dry all perfectly curved to match the picture?
What do you think? Do I dare DIY Louboutins? I think I do -


AmyJean said...

Wowsers. That looks awesome

Krista said...


Do the feathers, then use red nail polish or paint to colour the bottoms!

Cyd said...

Ahhhhh! You're a flipping genius! I dare you too and then please please please show me TONS of gorgeous pictures!

(I think you're right about the ball and wet feathers thing....almost paper maché-like. Maybe try a little heavily watered down Elmer's if the simple wetting doesn't work to hold them.)

Kiana said...

OMG could those shoes BE more gorgeous?? DIY girl, you can do it!

Miss Shugarman said...

THANK YOU- you are a life saver.