Post # 100! (+1)

I was totally excited to do something interesting for my 100th post...and then I realized that my last post was #100...o'well.
SO, since I had nothing super exciting to post about anyways #101 will be this:

Have you ever wondered why you don't get as much done at work since you've been engaged? I think this little trivia fact below probably has a lot to do with my ineffectiveness and ability to remain glued to my computer screen for hours even when I'm not at work.

Today, my trusty Google reader told me:
From your 113 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 4,815 items.

What?! No wonder I never seem to accomplish anything anymore (unless its wedding related of course....and even that is a stretch). Should I cut back? Probably....Will I? Not likely...
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AmyJean said...

Congrats on #101!

Krista said...


And I have noticed that surprising trend.

Oh well!